Virginia Federal Employee Lawyer

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Individuals who have worked hard to advance their federal career may have their future cast in doubt if unfair disciplinary actions, discrimination, pay problems, or funding issues occur. When questions arise regarding your federal government employment, you may benefit from seeking the guidance of a Virginia federal employee lawyer.

When a skilled attorney from the Spiggle Law Firm takes on your case, they could advise you about your rights, help you identify issues and claims you may need to address, and set out avenues available to you to reach your legal objectives. While we may be able to guarantee a specific result, our seasoned legal team could draw on their experience to help you identify possible outcomes and protect your rights as a federal employee.

What an Employment Lawyer Could Help With

Federal employment law is a specialized discipline, so even a lawyer who regularly represents private sector employees may lack the expertise that federal employee cases require. Employees who try to move forward on their own or without proper representation may likewise face traps that the right lawyer could help them avoid.

Consequently, you should consider getting qualified legal advice as soon as possible if you have questions about your employment rights. The range of issues a federal employee attorney in Virginia could provide assistance with may include:

  • Claims before the Merit System Protection Board (MPSB)
  • Pay issues
  • Whistleblower claims
  • Civil rights and discrimination claims
  • Fighting unfair termination, suspension, or other actions
  • Retirement and benefits questions
  • Disciplinary actions

The Basics of Federal Employment Procedures

As a knowledgeable Virginia federal employee attorney could explain, federal employees have due process and other rights under the Civil Service Reform Act. This Act and related regulations put in place specific ways to formally seek review of any employment action taken against you as an employee of the federal government.

Before the government can take final action against an employee, they have the right to go through specific processes put in place by the Merit System Protection Board, the body responsible for protecting and enforcing the federal civil service merit system. When an employee has concerns about discrimination or retaliation, they likewise have the right to pursue an Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) claim.

Pursuing an EEO case involves numerous layers of administrative investigation and appeal before you have the right as an employee to pursue a case in court. Failure to comply with applicable time limits and procedures could mean losing the chance to pursue a legal claim. For this reason, seeking help from a well-practiced federal employee lawyer in Virginia might be vital to preserving and enforcing valuable employment rights.

Call a Virginia Federal Employee Attorney for Professional Legal Advice

Having a seasoned legal advocate by your side could take much of the guesswork out of an otherwise troubling situation in the federal workplace. An attorney from the Spiggle Law firm could advise you about your legal options and help you make informed decisions about what actions to take to reach your goals.

Experience matters when it comes to federal sector employment laws, so contact a hard-working Virginia federal employee lawyer today for personalized assistance and advice. If you believe you were wrongfully terminated, click here to use our free case assessment calculator and find out what you could stand to recover in compensation.