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Maybe management is penalizing you because you are pregnant. Perhaps your supervisor fired you without so much as a good reason, or you’ve been punished for leaving work early to care for your sick child. You don’t make it your business to run off and hire lawyers, but this is outrageous.

Losing your job or facing discrimination is a lonely experience. Management can rely on professionals with expertise in employment law. They have lots of advisors. You have trusted advisors, too. But they are probably not trained in employment law and litigation. That can change. We are Virginia employment lawyers. We are trial lawyers. And if you take the next step, we can be your lawyers.

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The Spiggle Law Firm represents clients across five states and covers a variety of employment law practice areas. Since opening its doors in 2009, our Virginia employment lawyers have negotiated millions in wrongful employment settlements and become a trusted and respected advocate for those facing discrimination, retaliation, and harassment in the workplace.

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Remedies Available to Employees Suffering Wrongful Conduct

A wide variety of solutions may be available to you if you endure discrimination, harassment, wage violations, or other harm in the workplace.

Potential remedies a Virginia employment attorney may be able to use include:

  • Compensation to make up for pay lost due to wrongful termination, demotion, or suspension
  • Reinstatement to a job or position
  • Compensation equal to a pay raise that should have occurred or bonuses that should have been paid
  • Punitive damages to punish employers for serious wrongdoing and deter wrongdoing in the future
  • Compensation for emotional distress
  • Attorneys’ fees

Talk to a Virginia Employment Attorney Today

Wrongdoing in the workplace can involve numerous different areas of state, federal and even local county-level law, as well as delicate circumstances that require a thorough knowledge of relevant case precedents and procedures. It’s important to think through your options, but it’s just as important to avoid delay because you will likely face a deadline to file a claim for most incidents of wrongdoing under the law.

If you believe you suffered from illegal conduct in the workplace, call the Spiggle Law Firm today to meet with a qualified Virginia employment lawyer. During this confidential consultation, you could learn about your options to preserve your rights and obtain any financial compensation to which you may be entitled.

Sign Up: How to go From Layoff to Launching Your Own Business

The Spiggle Law Firm is excited to offer the next event in the Professional Luncheon & Workshop Series on protecting your career, family, and assets in difficult times. In this event, Tom Spiggle will discuss leaving your current job through a severance agreement and starting your own business. Visit our event page for more information and to register for the second free event in the series on December 13th.

Young Women’s Empowerment Scholarship

The Spiggle Law Firm is excited to announce the Young Women’s Empowerment Scholarship. This scholarship will be awarded to one student who prepares the most powerful essay describing how they have empowered young women in their family or community. You can find additional information on our scholarship page.

Super Parent Nomination

We all know friends, relatives, or loved ones who are parents and rock stars at work. They excel at both of those full-time jobs and deserve a treat. That’s why we created a super parent nomination to give a parent in the community the chance to win a cash prize that could be used towards a day of leisure and relaxation that he/she certainly deserved. Thanks to all those in the community who submitted nominations and congratulations to our winner, Gina Argotti! To find out more about what makes Gina such a super parent, click here.

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