The Spiggle Law Firm Launches 7-Step Self-Help Initiative on Wrongful Termination

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The founder of the Spiggle Law Firm, Tom Spiggle, has designed a 7-step self-help employment law program for workers who have been fired, or are afraid that they might be, to learn more about their options. The DIY video and e-book series, “Legal Leverage,” walks users through the steps to determine whether they have a case and how to pursue it with or without a lawyer.

“This is as close to having a lawyer in a box as you’re going to get,” said Spiggle. “This program, we believe, is the first of its kind to allow people who have been fired, or are afraid that they might be, to communicate with other people in the same boat. It will help them make informed decisions about their rights and how to move ahead.”

A former federal prosecutor, Spiggle designed the program based on his years of knowledge about the practical steps needed to win an employment case. Among other things, the program helps users learn about their legal rights, what their case might be worth, whether their former employer may have broken the law, what kind of evidence they’ll need to prove their case and how lawsuits typically play out all the way to settlement or trial.

A former assistant U.S. attorney with significant trial experience, Spiggle founded the Spiggle Law Firm to work with people who have faced employment discrimination on such issues as sexual harassment, pregnancy discrimination, family care and gender and race issues. He is the author of “You’re Pregnant? You’re Fired!” a guide for pregnant women who may be facing discrimination at work.

“The program can help users who seek legal representation do so more efficiently,” added Spiggle. “When a client understands what information is important in an employment law dispute, they can both find a lawyer more easily and help put forward a stronger case.”

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