Virginia Veterans’ Workplace Discrimination Lawyer

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Veterans should be treated with gratitude for their service, but unfortunately some business owners who employ former servicemembers do not pay them the respect they deserve. However, a dedicated discrimination attorney from our team at the Spiggle Law Firm would be familiar with the federal and state laws which protect former soldiers from discriminatory treatment at their jobs. If you believe that your employer is treating you unfairly based on your association with the United States military, call a Virginia veterans’ workplace discrimination lawyer today for help.

Local Anti-Discrimination Laws for Virginia Business Owners

Virginia employers may grant preference to former servicemembers and their spouses over civilians when making hiring decisions. Under Virginia Code §40.1-27.2, favoring a soldier over another applicant does not violate local or state equal opportunity statutes.

However, they may not disqualify a disabled veteran, as Virginia Human Rights Act §2.2-3901 states that discrimination on the basis of disability is unlawful. A Virginia veteran’ workplace discrimination attorney would be familiar with the relevant statutes and could help build a case contesting mistreatment accordingly.


Enacted in 1994, the Uniformed Service Employment and Reemployment Rights Act (USERRA) is a federal law intended to protect former servicemembers from workplace discrimination on the basis of their military status. Under this law, business owners may not place employed veterans at a disadvantage because of their relation to the military.

For example, USERRA prohibits employers from ostracizing members of the armed forces, Army and Air National Guards, Reserves, and FEMA’s “Disaster Assistance” teams as well as Commissioned Corps of the Public Health Service. USERRA also applies to several stages of the career process, and a capable veterans’ workplace discrimination lawyer in Virginia could help you understand the nuances of both pre-employment and on-the-job prejudice.

Applying for Jobs

USERRA mandates that former servicemembers receive fair evaluations regardless of their military status when they are seeking employment. Veteran job-seekers cannot be denied a position because of a possibility that they could be deployed in the future. Employers may only reject an applicant’s resumé based on qualifications and criminal history.

During Employment

A business owner who hires a former servicemember may not discriminate against them if they have a military commitment on a day they are supposed to work. Such obligations typically come with little or no warning and happen outside of the employee’s control.

It should be noted that having veteran status does not exempt an employee from being disciplined, terminated, or laid off for reasons other than their ties to the armed forces. However, if you believe that you were wrongfully terminated or disciplined, a seasoned legal representative could advocate for your rights in court.

Call a Virginia Veterans’ Workplace Discrimination Attorney

You should not have to endure unfair treatment from your employer based on your military status. Fortunately, an experienced attorney from the Spiggle Law Firm who is familiar with relevant state and federal laws could help build your defense.

A Virginia veterans’ workplace discrimination lawyer could assist you with pursuing a favorable outcome against your employer. Call today to schedule a consultation.