Virginia Human Rights Act

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The Commonwealth of Virginia promotes fair business practices and prohibits unlawful discrimination. In keeping with these ideals, the Virginia Human Rights Act was enacted to protect people from maltreatment based on race, disability, pregnancy, gender, age, and more.

If you have been discriminated against because of who you are, you should consult a qualified workplace discrimination attorney from the Spiggle Law Firm who can help you report misconduct to the Division of Human Rights. If that initial step is unsuccessful, a seasoned lawyer could work with you to pursue a lawsuit for compensation.

Virginia Human Rights Act Policies

The Human Rights Act, codified by Code of Virginia §2.2-3900, safeguards people from unlawful discriminatory practices by places of public accommodation and educational institutions. The law also prevents discrimination in real estate transactions and other related business dealings.

Protections apply to several personal characteristics, including the following:

Moreover, the Virginia Human Rights Act protects businesses and individuals from false claims of discrimination, and the state has established a Division of Human Rights to receive such complaints for further investigation. If you believe you were unlawfully singled out and mistreated based on membership in one or more of the aforementioned groups, a qualified attorney could provide personalized guidance and support.

Division of Human Rights

The Commonwealth of Virginia has established the Division of Human Rights, which may hold hearings or conciliations to determine the facts of discrimination claims. This agency is authorized to take action against persons or entities that it deems have acted in a discriminatory fashion.

The Division of Human Rights might also engage in ameliorative and preventative projects that promote the mission of the Virginia Human Rights Act. However, you must wait 90 days after the Division of Human Rights has completed their investigation to initiate legal proceedings against your former employer.

Causes of Action

Employees who are terminated based on a characteristic protected by the Virginia Human Rights Act may pursue a lawsuit in the jurisdiction where their employer is located. Generally, wrongfully dismissed workers have 300 days from the date of the discriminatory firing in which to file suit.

A knowledgeable attorney may file a lawsuit for violations of the Virginia Human Rights Act on behalf of a terminated employee. A successful claimant might be reimbursed by the defendant company for their legal expenses, and they could also receive up to one year of back pay plus interest. However, the courts are not authorized to order their reinstatement in their old position.

Speak with an Attorney about the Virginia Human Rights Act

If you were treated unfairly by your employer because of your race, gender, disability, or other protected category, it might be time to contact skilled legal counsel. With the help of an experienced attorney who is knowledgeable of the Virginia Human Rights Act, you could report discriminatory conduct to the Virginia Division of Human Rights for investigation and file a cause of action in a local court. Click here to use our free online case review tool and learn about your options.