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Reacting to an Employer’s Rebuttal

So, you took the important step of hiring an attorney and sending your employer a demand letter outlining the ways your employer wronged you. After a while of waiting, you receive the employer’s response – or rebuttal – and it...

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Taking FMLA Leave To Treat Depression: What You Need To Know

Even before the coronavirus hit, mental health was a growing concern in the workplace. While not usually as obvious as physical illness, mental health issues, such as depression, had been taking a toll on workers. Unfortunately, treating depression as an...

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What Are the Top 10 Reasons People Get Fired?
Surviving Workplace Investigations

Being fired is always a difficult and even traumatizing experience. While it is not always an employee’s fault that they have been fired, there are steps an employee can take to significantly lower their risk for termination – namely, understanding...

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A 2020 Overview of New and Proposed Whistleblower Laws

  Whistleblowers have made a bit of a comeback as of late, thanks to controversial government practices and the coronavirus. But whistleblowers are nothing new and go back to when this country was first founded: The Continental Congress unanimously passed...

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How the New Virginia Laws Impact Employees
In the News, Pregnancy Discrimination, Race Discrimination, Sex Discrimination, Whistleblower

Over the past few months, despite the overwhelming pressure placed on lawmakers and laypeople alike by the COVID-19 pandemic, Virginia has made major strides against discrimination in the workplace. As of July 1, 2020, the Virginia Values Act has gone...

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LGBTQ Discrimination in Employment: A 2020 Overview
In the News, Sex Discrimination

  With the historic Bostock v. Clayton County ruling by the Supreme Court resulting in the inclusion of sexual and gender identity to the definition of Title VII’s sex discrimination protections in the Civil Rights Act of 1964, members of...

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How Virginia’s New Non-Compete And Wage Laws Help Employees
In the News

  Virginia’s legislature recently enacted a series of laws that take a few modest steps in helping Virginia employees fight back against employers who take advantage of them. Specifically, they raise the minimum wage, allow employees to discuss their wages...

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It’s 2020. Why is Workplace Discrimination Against Black People Still a Problem?
Race Discrimination

  Discrimination and inequality in the workplace are some of the more damaging forms of injustice. They directly impact an individual’s professional opportunities which can also affect that individual’s access to essential resources and overall quality of life. One of...

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NY Woman Fired for Racist Off-Duty Behavior in Central Park: Business and Legal Considerations
In the News, Race Discrimination

  By now you’ve probably heard about Amy Cooper who had a confrontation with Christian Cooper (no relation) in Central Park. In case you haven’t, Ms. Cooper (who is white) called the police on Mr. Cooper (who is black) after...

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Reopening Washington D.C and Virginia
In the News

  All 50 states have begun to ease the pandemic restrictions set up in response to COVID-19, but as many of these states had reopened, a number of the “hotspot” regions remained on lockdown. On Friday, May 29, the Stay...

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