Virginia Failure to Pay Wages After Termination Lawyer

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If an employee is fired in Virginia, their former employer must pay them for all the work they did until the date of termination even if they did not work for a full pay period. Consulting a knowledgeable wage disputes attorney from the Spiggle Law Firm could help an employee understand their rights, and if need be, sue their employer for their unpaid income.

It is unfortunately common for employers to avoid paying due wages to a worker they terminate. Some business owners feel that once an employee no longer works for them, their incentive to pay that worker is gone. If you were fired from your job and have not been paid for the hours you worked prior to your job loss, a Virginia failure to pay wages after termination lawyer could help you pursue litigation against your former boss.

Unlawful Deductions to a Final Paycheck

An employer may unlawfully take deductions from a worker’s final paycheck in order to reduce the amount of money they have to spend. An attorney would also want to look at handbooks or other agreements between an employer and their employee which might address accrued, unused paid time off at the end of employment. A business owner who fails to uphold their promises to pay out unused time off could be held liable in a claim for compensation. Additionally, any violation of the rights an employee has to a pro rata portion of a bonus for the part of the year they worked could form the basis of a successful claim. A seasoned Virginia failure to pay wages after termination attorney could help a claimant examine their employer’s actions to determine whether litigation is warranted.

Effects on Exempt Employees

Even employees exempt from FLSA regulations are entitled to get paid for the work they do, so every worker would have at least a breach-of-contract claim for unpaid wages. Those who are promised to get paid a certain amount for their work are entitled to receive payment even if they were not employed until the end of the pay period. A business owner who does not pay may be in violation of their employment agreement. Failure to pay an employee who is exempt from the protections of the Fair Labor Standards Act could violate minimum wage laws as well as overtime laws. A steadfast failure to pay wages after termination lawyer in Virginia could help a former employee cite relevant statutes during court proceedings.

Call a Virginia Failure to Pay Wages after Termination Attorney Today

If you were terminated from your job and you have not been paid for the hours you worked, your boss may be violating several federal and state laws. It is advisable to get in touch with qualified legal counsel for help with pursuing your employer, as business owners typically have many resources available to them for battling litigation. Fortunately, a dedicated Virginia failure to pay wages after termination lawyer could help you pursue a claim against your boss, so you do not have to face court proceedings alone. Call the Spiggle Law Firm today to schedule an initial consultation, or use our online case review tool to get started.