Does the Thought of Suing Your Company Make you Feel Guilty?


Do you feel guilty about the thought of suing your boss? Even though something bad has happened to you at work? Now, I know for a lot of you that’s not even a serious question. You’re angry and you want to do whatever you can to protect yourself, and I of course completely understand that. But, perhaps you’ve been with your company for a long time, you know your boss pretty well, see him or her at Christmas parties every year, maybe he or see even treats you nicely most of the time. You got pregnant, you went out on maternity leave, your boss said a lot of nice things, sent you a nice fruit basket. But then when you came back, all of a sudden your sales territory was cut in half for no good reason, and you know that that’s probably a violation of the Pregnancy Discrimination Act or so you’ve been told. But the thought of hiring an attorney and coming to your boss and saying, “Hey this is wrong and I might sue” leaves you feeling a little guilty. I completely understand that, but here are two things to consider.

First, do you think that your boss would have any qualms about letting you go if it was an issue of his or her survival at the company or making the numbers? I’m guessing not, when it comes down to your boss’s feelings towards you and making the quarterly numbers, you get thrown under the bus. The second thing to consider is that your boss has an attorney through the company most likely, they may also have a human resources department and you can bet that if your boss is thinking about firing you or doing something with your job, that he or she is going to be talking to human resources and possibly the company attorney. You think that your boss feels guilty about that? No. Now, I’m not saying you should disregard these feelings, and I’m not saying that you automatically want to come out guns blazing, but don’t forego getting good legal advice and knowing your rights and considering the options just because your boss is sometimes nice to you. Because it’s important obviously to you and your family.