Richmond Workplace Retaliation Lawyer

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Employees should be able to file complaints against their higher ups and coworkers without fear of workplace retaliation. If you are facing adverse effects at your job for participating in an investigation, filing a discrimination complaint, or reporting unsafe workplace conditions to the proper authorities, a seasoned employment attorney could help you pursue your employer in court.

Those who exhibit integrity by holding their peers accountable for partaking in illegal activities at work do not deserve to be retaliated against. By enlisting the help of a well-versed Richmond workplace retaliation lawyer, you may be able to obtain compensation from your boss.

Defining Unlawful Retaliatory Behavior

Any adverse action a business owner takes against a worker for filing a harassment or discrimination claim could be considered workplace retaliation. You have a right to file such claims without fear of receiving negative performance evaluations, being demoted, having your pay reduced, or being terminated.

Retaliation regulations protect anyone who participates in an investigation of illegal behavior. Unfortunately, many employers circumvent employee retaliation protections in an attempt to discipline a worker or encourage them to quit. A company, supervisor, or employee who engages in retaliatory behavior could face disciplinary action from state and federal agencies.

Coworker Retaliation

Employees may discriminate against other workers by refusing to interact or speak with them during working hours, ostracizing or excluding them, or verbally or psychologically abusing them.

These behaviors are forms of workplace retaliation that should not be tolerated by employers or supervisors. Coworker retaliation, however, is often encouraged by employers in an attempt to get a vocal worker to resign. Those who experience this kind of mistreatment should seek the services of a dedicated workplace punishment lawyer in Richmond before entering litigation with a business owner.

Preventing Retaliation in the Workplace

When you file a formal complaint, your company must take certain measures and thoroughly investigate the matter. For example, your employer should underscore the policy allegedly violated by an employee or supervisor, make honest attempts to remedy the situation and discipline the wrongdoer, and keep complaints and related information confidential to avoid coworker retaliation. A business owner who fails to handle the formal complaint process in this manner could be held liable in a civil claim with the assistance of a compassionate Richmond employer retaliation attorney from the Spiggle Law Firm.

Get in Touch with a Richmond Workplace Retaliation Attorney Today

If you filed a formal complaint at your job and were subsequently retaliated against, you may be able to pursue a case against your boss. Mistreatment on the basis of reporting or refusing to participate in illegal activities is prohibited in virtually all workplaces.

A skilled Richmond workplace retaliation lawyer could help you assert your employments rights during court proceedings and obtain the compensation you deserve. Reach out to qualified legal counsel today to learn more about the legal recourse which may be available to you, or click here to use our no-cost online case review tool to get started.