Richmond Minimum Wage Violation Lawyer 

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The United States government established the minimum wage to protect workers from employer exploitation. The rate in Richmond has not increased in over ten years and is set at a very modest level. Yet there are business owners who violate minimum wage provisions and fail to compensate their workers fairly.

If you believe your boss may be paying you less than you legally deserve, talk to a skilled Richmond minimum wage violation lawyer. An employment law attorney from the Spiggle Law Firm could evaluate your situation and determine whether your employer could be held liable in court.

Applicable Laws

The federal minimum wage is outlined in the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), which was first established in 1938 and has since been amended numerous times. The FLSA specifies that employers must pay workers no less than $7.25 per hour. However, certain jobs are exempt from FLSA minimum wage requirements.

Virginia Code §40.1-28.10 mandates local employers to pay workers in accordance with the FLSA’s specifications. Although, this statute also allows business owners to pay newly hired employees who are under the age of 20, a rate as low as $4.25 per hour for the first 90 days of their employment. A dedicated Richmond minimum wage violation attorney could review your employment to determine whether your position is exempt from FLSA protections.

Exemption from Minimum Wage Protections

Some executive, administrative, professional, sales, and computer employees are exempt from federal wage and hour provisions but not from state regulations. VA Code §40.1-28.9 specifies the following workers as exempt:

  • Farmers and camp employees
  • Domestic service workers and babysitters
  • Commission salespeople
  • Taxi operators
  • Children who are employed by their parents or full-time students
  • Those who work for companies with fewer than four employees
  • Those with physical or mental disabilities

A seasoned minimum wage violation lawyer in Richmond could present evidence to establish your eligibility for FLSA protections.

Violating Minimum Wage Provisions

An example of a minimum wage violation is requiring workers to perform extra work off the clock before or after their shifts. Other business owners may deduct time for meal breaks to avoid paying their employees.

While employers are allowed to deduct wages to cover things such as the cost of uniforms or equipment damages by an employee, the deduction may not result in a rate of pay, which is below minimum wage. Taking deductions which are too great can, therefore, violate minimum wage requirements.

Restaurant employees are especially vulnerable to minimum wage violations because they usually work for tips. Employers may pay tipped employers a lower rate as long as they earn sufficient tips.

Consult a Richmond Minimum Wage Violation Attorney Today

You deserve to be paid fairly for the work you do. If your boss failed to pay you a rate equal to minimum wage, you owe it to yourself to learn about your legal options for recovering the money owed to you.

An experienced Richmond minimum wage violation lawyer could evaluate your case and pursue fair compensation on your behalf. To learn more about how a wage violation attorney could assist in your case, call now for an initial consultation.