Richmond Federal Employment Workplace Discrimination lawyer

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The federal government has enacted many provisions to protect employees from discrimination in all types of workplaces, but sometimes that discrimination still occurs in federal jobs. Fortunately, while discrimination remains a problem in federal employment, the law provides remedies for those willing to take a stand against this form of injustice.

A seasoned Richmond federal employment workplace discrimination lawyer could help analyze your circumstances and explain your options if you are facing discrimination in the federal workforce. An experienced employment law attorney from the Spiggle Law Firm could protect your rights and help you pursue compensation or other remedies to address the problems you have encountered.

What Constitutes Illegal Discrimination in the Workplace?

Technically speaking, employers are allowed to show favoritism to employees who flatter them or agree to take on unwanted tasks, and they can discriminate against employees who do not perform duties as expected. Discrimination only becomes illegal when an employer treats an employee differently based on characteristics protected under civil rights laws.

Specifically, federal employers are prohibited from discriminating on the basis of race, religion, sex, age, disability, national origin, color, or genetic information. A dedicated Richmond federal employment workplace discrimination attorney could help you determine whether your employer’s actions qualify as illegal discrimination.

Types of Discriminatory Practices

Generally speaking, it is easier to notice discriminatory behavior in certain aspects of employment more than others. Under the law, though, employers may not treat employees unfairly because of federally protected characteristics when it comes to actions such as:

  • Termination of employment
  • Promotions and raises
  • Provision of benefits
  • Hiring
  • Disciplinary action

Proving that actions such as termination or denial of a promotion were based on illegal discriminatory practices can be a challenge. Once retained, though, a steadfast federal employment workplace discrimination lawyer in Richmond could investigate and collect evidence to support a potential claim.

When Discrimination Occurs in a Federal Workplace

Special laws and procedures come into play when discrimination occurs in a federal agency. The employee facing discrimination should first contact an Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Counselor at the agency no later than 45 days after the discriminatory incident.

Often, the employee must proceed with an alternative dispute resolution process or counseling before further steps can be taken. If the result obtained is not satisfactory, the employee may file a formal complaint with the agency, but it must be submitted within 15 days of receiving notice from the EEO counselor.

At the conclusion of an investigation, the employee who filed the complaint may request a hearing. The employee may also request a hearing or file a complaint in federal court if the investigation continues beyond 180 days without a resolution. However, if new events have been added to the complaint, the investigation may continue.

Contact a Richmond Federal Employment Workplace Discrimination Attorney

When employees can prove a federal employer discriminated against them in violation of the law, they may be entitled to different remedies depending on the situation. If successful, they may obtain equitable relief, such as reinstatement in a job from which they were wrongfully terminated.

A skilled Richmond federal employment workplace discrimination lawyer could help with the process of filing and pursuing a claim through administrative agency procedures or in court. To learn about your federal employment workplace discrimination case, click here to find out how much your case might be worth.