Richmond Federal Employment Lawyer

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If you work for the federal government, you should consider learning about your rights from an experienced employment law attorney from the Spiggle Law Firm. When your rights, benefits, security clearance, or job itself are in danger, you should carefully consider all of your available legal options. A Richmond federal employment lawyer can help if you are facing unwarranted disciplinary action, workplace discrimination, retaliation, or harassment from your boss.

Unlawful Employer Retaliation

Federal employees who blow the whistle on unlawful business practices should be rewarded, but they often face unlawful employer retaliation instead. Fortunately, certain legal safeguards help protect the interests of employees who call attention to employment violations and other problems taking place in the workplace.

A Richmond federal employment attorney could help an employee suffering from harassment or other illegal discrimination as a result of whistleblowing actions. Federal employers are prohibited from retaliating against employees who assert their rights, file a complaint, cooperate with an investigation, or point out dangerous conditions or violations in the workplace. When an employer retaliates illegally, the worker may be entitled to unpaid wages, lost benefits, and other remedies.

Disciplinary Matters

Workers who have been denied a security clearance or who face disciplinary proceedings could benefit greatly from the guidance of a Richmond federal workers’ rights attorney.

Sometimes, it may be possible to resolve a federal employment matter through negotiations. In other cases, an attorney could provide representation before the following entities:

  • Administrative judges within an employment law agency
  • The Merit Systems Protection Board
  • The Office of Special Counsel
  • The Office of Personnel Management

Working with a well-versed legal advocate can make the process much less daunting and may ultimately increase a federal employee’s chances of success.

Illegal Discrimination

Federal laws prohibit workplace discrimination and harassment on the basis of race, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, and disabilities. A federal worker who is mistreated because of any of these characteristics must follow certain procedures when taking legal action against their boss. A federal employment lawyer in Richmond could assist with filing the appropriate administrative complaints and pursuing the claim in court if necessary.

Discrimination can manifest in many different ways, though it is not always easy to detect. An employer can illegally discriminate by discharging an employee on the basis of religion or refusing to hire an individual of a particular race. An employer might also refuse to offer the same training, promotion, or benefits to a worker who is pregnant, for example.

Work with a Richmond Federal Employment Attorney Today

Because federal workers must take a different path to enforce their rights in many situations, the process can be confusing. Consulting a dedicated Richmond federal employment lawyer is often the best place to begin.

A lawyer who understands federal employment cases could review your circumstances, explain your options for legal action, and help you work toward the best available remedy. To learn more about what may be possible in your case, call now for a free consultation.