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Employees demonstrate extraordinary courage when they report unlawful employment practices. Reston employers who penalize workers for blowing the whistle on illegal activity taking place at work such as harassment or discrimination could be required to provide compensation with the help of a dedicated employment law attorney. If you have been punished for speaking out against wrongdoing happening on the job, you should consult a Reston workplace retaliation lawyer.

Unlawful Employer Retaliation

While employers may not be pleased when workers exercise their rights to call attention to wrongdoing, federal and state laws prohibit them from taking retaliatory actions. Situations where employees are protected from retaliation include:

  • Taking or asking for leave under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)
  • Reporting illegal conduct or unsafe conditions in the workplace
  • Filing a complaint about sexual harassment or workplace discrimination
  • Cooperating with investigators
  • Exercising rights under an employee benefit plan

When business owners punish workers for these types of conduct, a Reston employer retaliation attorney could help file a claim for legal recovery.

Examples of Illegal Disciplinary Action

It is not always obvious when an employer takes retaliatory action against an employee. Your boss may change your job duties to less desirable work, provide negative evaluations of your performance, deny you a promotion, or cut your salary.

In extreme situations, you may be threatened or fired. An unlawful disciplinary action lawyer in Reston could review your circumstances to discern whether actions taken against you could be considered illegal workplace retaliation.

Evidence of Workplace Retaliation

In order to file a successful claim for compensation, you will need to provide evidence of retaliation in the workplace. An attorney could assist in the collection and preparation of evidence, so it is advisable to retain legal counsel as soon as retaliation is suspected.

It is also recommended to maintain copies of correspondence such as emails. Circumstantial evidence such as employees who took similar actions in the past who also suffered from workplace retaliation could make a substantial difference in your case.

Virginia Fraud and Abuse Whistleblower Protection Act

In addition to federal protections, Virginia Code §2.2-3011 prohibits retaliation, discrimination, discharge, or threatening actions against state employees who bring attention to fraud or abuse in the workplace. This law permits you to file a civil claim against your boss, during the process of which the courts may apply remedies such as reinstatement to a job or similar position, back pay, and restoration of fringe benefits and seniority rights.

Federal employees also have special protections under the law. A knowledgeable legal representative from the Spiggle Law Firm could assist with initiating litigation or filing a claim with the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission(EEOC) when appropriate.

Reach Out to a Reston Workplace Retaliation Attorney Today

The EEOC reports that retaliation is the most common form of illegal discrimination in the workplace. If your boss illegally discriminated against you by taking retaliatory actions, contact an experienced Reston workplace retaliation lawyer for a free case evaluation. To learn how an experienced legal advocate can help with the process, call now.