Reston Workplace Discrimination Lawyer

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Every workplace should be free from discrimination. Despite state and federal laws that prohibit this type of behavior, many employees face discrimination in the workplace at some point during their careers. This can involve inappropriate jokes, unwelcome sexual advances, or unwarranted termination.

A seasoned employment attorney at the Spiggle Law Firm could help you evaluate your experiences at work to determine whether discrimination has occurred. If so, an experienced Reston workplace discrimination lawyer could explain your legal options and pursue legal remedies on your behalf.

Defining Discrimination in the Workplace

The state’s Human Rights Act outlined in Virginia Code §2.2-3901 makes it illegal for any member of a workplace to discriminate against an employee or prospective employee because of who they are. Protected factors which may not be discriminated against include:

  • Race
  • Religion
  • Sex
  • Pregnancy status
  • Age
  • Disability
  • National origin
  • Sexual Orientation

Discrimination against any of these factors could form the basis of a successful civil claim for damages. For example, a business owner who refuses to hire a prospective employee, denies a promotion, fails to pay benefit packages or salary raises, or fires an employee based on a protected factor could be required to reimburse any subsequent losses. It is advisable to speak with a diligent Reston workplace discrimination attorney when identifying unlawful employment practices and pursuing litigation against responsible parties.

Available Legal Recourse

The most direct legal approach involves pursuing your employer in civil court. You may seek reinstatement at work, restoration to a previous level of salary or benefits, or monetary damages for unexpected costs like attorney’s fees.

However, business owners tend to hide their employment law violations, and gathering evidence for these cases can be difficult. Fortunately, the state’s Division of Human Rights has the authority to investigate and punish allegations of workplace discrimination in companies that employ between six and 14 people. These investigations can result in civil penalties for companies as well as compensation for aggrieved workers.

Finally, pursuing claims against companies with more than 14 people would likely be a federal matter. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) can investigate large businesses when the Division of Human Rights cannot. For help with deciding which legal path may be right for you, consult a compassionate workplace discrimination lawyer in Reston.

Let a Reston Workplace Discrimination Attorney Help You

Workplace discrimination remains a major obstacle to a healthy work environment. Whether this involves jokes passed around the office, inappropriate sexual advances, or other adverse work experiences based on who you are, you do not have to endure unfair treatment.

Both local and federal laws prohibit discriminatory actions based on sex, religion, disability, or race. Any violation on the part of an employer may give rise to lawsuits and government investigations. The results of these legal actions could lead to reinstatement at a job, civil penalties for an employer, and monetary damages. Contact a dedicated Reston workplace discrimination lawyer immediately to evaluate your legal protections and pursue a claim for compensation. Click here to check out our free case assessment calculator.