Reston Wage Theft Lawyer

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Employees who earn an hourly wage deserve to be paid fairly for their work. This includes the right to work for a minimum hourly wage and earn pay at an overtime rate when applicable. Unfortunately, a business owner may claim that you did not work the hours reported on your timecard, alter your submitted cards, or try to avoid paying the overtime rate.

For help with discovering whether your employer tampered with your paycheck, consider retaining a steadfast wage and hour attorney from the Spiggle Law Firm. A knowledgeable Reston wage theft lawyer could explain relevant laws that may apply to your case, investigate your boss’s actions, and pursue civil recourse on your behalf.

Relevant Wage Laws

Reston business owners must adhere to both state and federal employment laws. Virginia Code §40.1-28.10 states that the minimum wage for local workers should be no less than the federal standard of $7.25 per hour. Additionally, the Federal Labor and Standards Act (FLSA) mandates employers to pay overtime rates of one and half times a worker’s regular wages for all hours in excess of 40 that they work in a given week. These laws can be difficult to understand, so it is best to consult a skilled Reston wage theft attorney before initiating litigation against your employer.

Legal Options Following Wage Theft

 All business owners must pay their employees for their time spent on the job, regardless of productivity. Some common ways that employers may commit wage theft include:

  • Failing to pay for all hours worked
  • Altering timecards without an employee’s knowledge
  • Ordering a worker to falsify timecards
  • Tampering with an employee’s schedule to avoid paying overtime

If you are the victim of wage theft, you can file a complaint with the state’s Department of Labor and Industry, which can investigate a discrepancy, issue decisions, and require an employer to provide back pay. They can also recommend filing criminal charges in especially egregious cases.

Additionally, VA Code §40.1-28.12 provides a cause of action in case of employer wage theft. You may name your boss as a defendant in a civil suit that demands back pay with an interest rate of eight percent for all missed wages. A judge may also award an at-fault party to compensate your attorney’s fees. Fortunately, choosing a legal path which best suits your needs can be made easier with the help of a diligent wage theft lawyer in Reston.

Call a Reston Wage Theft Attorney Today

Every worker has the right to receive fair pay for their work. While this rate may not be the same for every worker, every employee deserves to be compensated for their time. Commonwealth laws offer no protection in excess of the Federal minimums, but these Federal laws do still apply.

Those experiencing wage theft may file a complaint with the state’s Department of Labor and Industry or directly pursue their employers in civil court. In either instance, let a Reston wage theft lawyer help you recover your lost wages from your boss. Call today to start exploring your options with a qualified legal professional.