Reston Overtime Violation Lawyer

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Many employees in Reston are unaware of their overtime rights. In fact, many employers do not realize that they should be paying overtime to some workers. Federal wage laws regulate which employees should be paid overtime rates for working more than 40 hours in a given week.

If you are working in excess of 40 hours per week without receiving overtime pay, consider reaching out to a skilled wage and hour attorney. A steadfast Reston overtime violation lawyer could review your employer’s actions and help you pursue a claim to recover your unpaid wages.

Federal Overtime Laws

Local business owners are required by the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) to pay certain employees one and a half times their regular rate for any hours they work above 40 during a given workweek. Business owners who do not pay increased wage for hours worked above 40 could be required to reimburse a worker’s unpaid income.

However, many employers do not know whether their workers qualify for overtime protections and may violate federal laws by mistake. A diligent Reston unpaid overtime attorney could evaluate your employment to determine whether you qualify for FLSA wage protections.

Exempt Employees

Some employees are exempt from wage and hour protections because of the industry they work in. Employees who may be exempt from FLSA overtime requirements include:

  • Seasonal workers
  • Farmers
  • Private contractors
  • Computer programmers
  • Technical employees
  • Those who regularly work outside of their employer’s location

While most employee exemptions fall under categories for executive, administrative, and professional work, many workers previously considered exempt in these categories may now receive overtime pay. For instance, an administrative employee would be exempt if they exercise substantial discretion as a regular part of their job duties. Many administrative employees are not trusted to act with the discretion and judgment required for exemption under this category.

The Workweek

Some employers try to avoid paying overtime by changing the workweek so that an employee’s total hours do not total more than 40. The FLSA prohibits this type of schedule manipulation.

While a workweek may be customizable for each employee, there should be a fixed schedule of seven consecutive days. Employers are also prohibited from averaging hours over a two-week pay period to determine overtime. If a business owner makes frequent changes to an employee’s workweek, a seasoned overtime violation lawyer in Reston could examine the circumstances and record any breaches of federal employment protections.

Consult an Experienced Reston Overtime Violation Attorney Today

Local workers who have suffered losses due to employer overtime violations may have different options for legal recourse. A knowledgeable Reston overtime violation lawyer could explore opportunities for recovering lost wages and pursuing additional remedies through third-party government agencies that specialize in investigating unlawful employment practices.

Sometimes, overtime violations are an honest mistake on the part of a business owner. Bringing these violations to light could help an entire company correct overtime errors. To learn more about how overtime laws apply to your situation, contact a dedicated employment law attorney from the Spiggle Law Firm today.