Reston Wage and Hour Lawyer

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Every employer in Reston is legally obligated to pay a fair wage to their workers. State and federal regulations mandate that all employees must be paid no less than the standard minimum wage for their working hours. Unfortunately, some business owners may be unaware of the correct rate of pay, whether an employee is entitled to tips or commission, or a worker’s exemption status for overtime pay.

Regardless of the exact nature of your wage discrepancy, it may be necessary to pursue legal recourse with the help of a dedicated employment law attorney from the Spiggle Law Firm. A diligent Reston wage and hour lawyer could help you seek damages from your employer by filing complaints with the Commonwealth, engaging in settlement negotiations, and initiating litigation on your behalf to recover your lost wages.

Workers’ Rights to Fair Pay

All employers are required by law to pay their workers for the hours that they work, the rate at which they must do so is low. Virginia Code §40.1-28.10 states that local business owners must obey federal minimum wage laws, which define $7.25 per hour as the lowest rate of pay an employee may receive for their work.

However, some workers who earn tips or commission, who are under the age of 18, and who work on a seasonal basis may earn less than this. Although, some business owners misclassify a worker and subsequently pay them less than is required.

Additionally, the Federal Labor Standards Act (FLSA) also entitles employees to one and a half times their regular rate of pay for every hour over 40 worked in a given week. However, some salaried workers are exempt from overtime protections. A skilled Reston wage and hour attorney could evaluate your employer’s actions to determine whether they violated any federal or state laws.

Legal Remedies for Wage and Hour Violations

When a wage dispute results in a loss of earned income, you have several options for pursuing compensation. For example, you may file a civil claim to demand all back pay from your boss under VA Code §40.1-28.12, which also imposes an eight percent interest on unpaid wages. Additionally, this statute allows plaintiffs to collect attorney fees in some cases.

It is also possible to engage in face-to-face talks with an employer who has refused to pay earned wages. While these meetings are not legally binding, they may allow a worker to collect their lost wages in situations involving an employer’s confusion or lack of knowledge about relevant laws.

Finally, the state’s Department of Labor and Industry also has the authority to investigate and issue remedies for wage and hour violations. However, this option is only available if face-to-fact talks have failed. A steadfast wage and hour lawyer in Reston could help you choose a legal path that offers the best chance for success against an at-fault business owner.

Let a Reston Wage and Hour Attorney Help Protect Your Rights

Every worker in Reston deserves to collect fair pay for their work. Unfortunately, many employees do not receive their earned wages from their employers. All business owners must pay their workers no less that the minimum wage and provide overtime pay to qualifying employees for all hours over 40 worked in a week.

If you believe that you have not received proper pay for your time at work, you may be able to pursue legal action with the assistance of a seasoned Reston wage and hour lawyer. There may be a limited time to seek legal remedies, so get in touch with the Spiggle Law Firm today.