Reston Non-Solicitation Agreements Lawyer

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Reston business owners often draft non-solicitation agreements to prevent employees from luring clients or other workers to another company. However, employers who wish to protect their business interests may subsequently violate a worker’s employment rights in a contract.

If you are asked to agree to a non-solicitation clause in an employment contract, you should consult the Spiggle Law Firm’s team of dedicated attorneys before signing. An experienced Reston non-solicitation agreements lawyer may be able to negotiate terms that reflect your needs, help you interpret any clauses you have already signed, or defend against accusations that you violated a contract’s terms.

Understanding Non-Solicitation Contracts

These agreements typically describe types of communication which are prohibited between the signer and the company’s clients and employees. Prohibited contact may include oral communication in person or over the phone. A non-solicitation agreement could also forbid written correspondence such as email, fax, and letters. Even social media contact and text messages could be disallowed.

Non-solicitation clauses may prohibit certain actions in addition to communications. For example, an agreement may forbid someone from employment practices which could influence a client’s decision to continue business with that company. If a non-solicitation clause is too vague, a knowledgeable Reston attorney may be able to clarify the terms or argue that your correspondence did not violate the agreement.

Enforcing an Agreement

A business owner who believes the signer violated the terms of their non-solicitation agreement could turn to the courts for enforcement. However, a judge may decide that some or all of the terms are not enforceable under state law.

For instance, a court could determine that the scope of an agreement is unreasonably broad or that the duration of the restriction is too long. Reston courts must balance an employer’s need to protect information against an employee’s need to earn a living in their field of experience. A judge would examine the details of a case as well as the type of business in question to discern legally permissible terms.

While non-solicitation agreements are similar to con-compete clauses, the scope is usually much narrower. Terms that are unreasonable for one employee could be considered reasonable in another business or situation. A non-solicitation contracts lawyer in Reston could review the terms an agreement to help determine its legality and enforceability.

Get in Touch with a Reston Non-Solicitation Agreements Attorney Today

Advice from an attorney could be advantageous before and after signing a non-solicitation agreement. Before signing, a lawyer could help craft or revise terms to ensure that your needs are met and promote enforceability.

After signing, a Reston non-solicitation agreements lawyer could help both employers and workers understand prohibited conduct. If a business owner alleges a violation, legal counsel could present a thorough defense based on legal precedent and reasonable business practices. To learn more about the advantages of working with an attorney who understands non-solicitation agreements, call now for a consultation. You can also use our no-cost online review tool to learn the value of your case.