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Reston Employment Lawyer

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Reston is the first modern planned community in the country, according to Money magazine[i], which named the city as the tenth best place in the country to live in 2014 and the top place in the metropolitan Washington, DC, area (Rockville, Maryland, came in at number 24). Located 21 miles north west of the nation’s capital, Reston is midway between Tysons Corner and Washington Dulles International Airport.

Reston consists of five “villages” which include lakes, pools, shopping areas and golf courses. There are fifty-five miles of paths winding through Reston so most homes are within a half-mile walk of a village center. The city’s effective downtown is the Reston Town Center.

Major Employers in Reston

Reston’s major employers include Accenture, BAE Systems, and Fannie Mae. The city hosts several corporate headquarters, including Lockheed Martin, Sprint, Northrop Grumman, Oracle, Raytheon, Sallie Mae, Siebel Systems, Unisys and the U.S. Geological Survey, according to the Greater Reston Chamber of Commerce[ii].

Reston is far wealthier, educated and more likely to be the home of those from other countries compared to the rest of Virginia, according to the U.S. Census Bureau[iii].

  • Reston had a population of about 58,400 in 2010, up from approximately 53,300 in 2000.
  • Nearly 25% of the population was born outside the United States, compared to 11% in Virginia as a whole, and 29.5% of the population speak a language other than English at home (the average is 14.9% statewide). The most common origins of foreign-born residents are Asia (42.4%) and Latin America (31.1%).
  • Residents are about 70% Caucasian, 12.8% Hispanic, 10.9% Asian and 9.7% African American.
  • Reston residents are more likely to have graduated high school, compared to Virginia residents (95.3% vs. 87.5%) and those with a college degree are a much larger share of the population (66% vs. 35.2%). Nearly a third of Reston residents (29.3%) have graduate or professional degrees which is nearly twice the state average (14.7%).
  • The most common occupations for Reston residents are in management, business, science and the arts (61.1%) with sales and office occupations coming next (20.1%).
  • Median household income in Reston is far higher than the rest of Virginia ($57,529 vs. $33,493) and the median value of owner-occupied housing is nearly twice that of the state ($436,200 vs. $244,600).
  • The most popular income range for Reston households is from $100,000 to $149,999 (21.9%) while more than half of Reston’s households (53.5%) earn $100,000 or more a year.
  • Despite all the wealth in Reston, there is still a fairly sizable group of people living below poverty level, 7.9% of the population, which is not much lower than the state average of 11.3%.

Employment Practices in Reston

Despite Reston’s relative affluence and how educated its workforce, many residents are the victims of illegal employment practices.

Federal employees have specific laws and regulations protecting them from illegal employment practices under federal law. Federal employees and those working for the many government contractors in the Reston area who speak out against unethical or illegal practices are also protected from possible retaliation under state and federal laws. Visit our Federal Worker practice area page or Whistleblower practice page to learn about your rights before consulting with a Reston employment lawyer.

Steps to Take if Discrimination Occurs

No matter who you work for in Reston, if you believe you’ve been discriminated against at your job, you can file a complaint about such discrimination to the Virginia Human Rights Council or the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). For more information, please visit our Fairfax County locality page to learn more.

Both the Virginia Council of Human Rights and the EEOC try to combat employment discrimination and enforce anti-discrimination laws by they have limited resources and handle cases differently.

  • The Virginia Council of Human Rights often investigates cases in person and has an internal appeals process for parties who disagree with investigation outcomes.
  • The EEOC will frequently just interview people over the phone to investigate complaints and has no internal appeals. It will instead issue a “Notice of Right-to-Sue” to any complainant whose case the agency decides not to prosecute.

Another option may be Fairfax County’s Office of Human Rights and Equity Programs – Human Rights Division. Employment discrimination is made illegal by county ordinance. This agency investigates discrimination claims and if the evidence supports your case you could be awarded back pay and job reinstatement.[iv]

Depending on your circumstances, you need to file your legal claims with different agencies or courts. However, a Reston employment attorney can help.

  • Some federal laws mandate claimants file with the EEOC first, but some cases may be resolved faster by filing first with the local Virginia Council of Human Rights.
  • Lawsuits claiming violations of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 should be filed with the EEOC, but Equal Pay Act claims can be filed in court, bypassing the EEOC.
  • Depending on the circumstances and laws involved, cases could be filed in state or federal court.

Importance of Consulting With a Reston Employment Lawyer

Every case is unique. It has its own facts and different state and federal laws may apply. Each case requires a personalized approach that the employment law attorneys at the Spiggle Law Firm provide every client.

We help those from the Reston area stand up against illegal employment practices by protecting their rights and interest. We represent employees and those who have lost their jobs in a wide range of legal disputes. We know the physical, financial and emotional damage that wrongful employment practices cause to our clients and their families.

If you or a loved one has suffered illegal employment discrimination or another unlawful employment practice, learn more by visiting our practice pages covering Wrongful Discharge, Family Responsibility Discrimination, Emotional Distress, Hostile Work Environments, Sexual Harassment, Age Discrimination, Disability Discrimination, Family Medical Leave Discrimination, and other types of discrimination.

If you have questions you want to be answered or concerns you would like addressed, call a Reston employment lawyer today so we can discuss your situation, applicable laws and your options to protect your rights.

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