Prince William County Workplace Retaliation Lawyer

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Many employees continue to work in discriminatory, hostile, or unsafe work environments because they fear they may face punishment if they come forward with information of employer wrongdoing. It is illegal for an employer to retaliate against an employee who files a complaint or claim. A Prince William County workplace retaliation lawyer could explain the federal and Virginia laws that specifically to protect your right to identify and put an end to inappropriate workplace behavior.

Developing a claim for workplace retaliation may be complicated, notably if you wish to continue working for the employer in question or need their positive recommendation to advance your career. A focused employment attorney at Spiggle Law Firm could provide guidance, help you file a claim of workplace mistreatment, and protect your rights.

Activities Protected from Employer Retaliation

Federal and state laws protect employees from workplace retaliation in a variety of contexts, but most commonly with respect to discrimination or harassment. There are specific actions, laid out in U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), that are protected. It is illegal for an employer to mistreat or punish an employee or job applicant for:

  • Filing a claim or lawsuit against the employer
  • Reporting discrimination or harassment
  • Cooperating or acting as a witness during an investigation
  • Refusing to participate in discrimination
  • Resisting sexual advances, or protecting someone else from sexual advances
  • Requesting accommodations for a disability or religious practice
  • Inquiring about salary

These are not the only protected activities. You could file a claim of workplace retaliation if you faced disciplinary action after reporting unsafe working conditions or the illegal actions of an employer or supervisor, even if the action did not involve discrimination or harassment. A steadfast workplace retaliation attorney in Prince William County could help to establish the protected activity needed to proceed with a workplace retaliation claim.

Virginia Code Section 2.2-3011 also prohibits retaliation against “whistleblowers” who disclose information about suspected wrongdoing. This statue applies so long as the individual acts in good faith and reasonably believes that the information disclosed is correct.

What Adverse Employment Actions Constitute Retaliation?

An essential portion of any workplace retaliation claim involves adverse employment action. To file a claim, the employee alleging retaliation must suffer repercussions resultant from the protected activity. Our Prince William County lawyers are experienced in connecting the dots to show that your protected activity directly resulted in workplace retaliation.

Many different forms of punishment or mistreatment could amount to employer retaliation. Common actions in Prince William County retaliation cases include:

  • Termination, or threats of termination
  • Loss of promotions or demotion
  • Physical or verbal abuse
  • Refusal to hire
  • Increased scrutiny from an employer or supervisor
  • Negative employment evaluations without cause

Employees are protected from these actions by law. When filing a claim of retaliation in the workplace, it may be necessary to collect documentation of an employer’s actions. A seasoned lawyer could use this information to identify acts of retaliation and help protect you against further action.

Consult a Prince William County Workplace Retaliation Attorney

If you experienced undue punishment at work, a Prince William County workplace retaliation lawyer at the Spiggle Law Firm may be able to help you. No employee should face adverse reactions for using their rights. A legal advocate could evaluate your case during a no-cost case review and help you determine how to proceed. To learn more about your potential case, click here to use our free Case Assessment Calculator.