Prince William County Age Discrimination Lawyer

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Despite extensive legal protections, employees at all levels and types of work could experience discrimination in the workplace. Older workers may take the brunt of many of these adverse employment actions.

Older workers are often hit the hardest in layoffs or reductions in force. Other times, stereotypes about age will affect the hiring process and make it more difficult for older workers to secure jobs.

Discrimination based on age is not acceptable. Whether in your current job or in your search for new employment, if you have experienced basis based on age, you should consider getting assistance from a knowledgeable Prince William County age discrimination lawyer at the Spiggle Law Firm. A diligent workplace discrimination attorney could provide the guidance you need to hold and protect your rights as an employee.

Laws Prohibiting Age Bias in Prince William County

Age discrimination occurs when an employer treats an employee or job applicant unfairly because of their age. While federal and state laws prohibit discrimination based on age, this practice still occurs.

The primary law protecting older workers is the federal Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA), which Congress passed in 1967 to protect workers over 40 years old against discrimination based on their age. Locally, the Virginia Human Rights Act prohibits age discrimination in employment.

The ADEA applies to any employer with a minimum of 20 employees, to government agencies, employment agencies, and labor organizations. State and county laws also prohibit age discrimination by many, yet not all, smaller employers. The Act allows employees who prove age discrimination to recover the value of their lost wages and benefits.

The law specifies, when there is a willful violation of the law, the employee could recover liquidated damages, or additional damages equal to their back pay. Plaintiffs who prevail in their ADEA cases may also recover their attorneys’ fees and court costs.

A Prince William County lawyer with experience litigating cases of age discrimination in the workplace may advise about the application of relevant laws and the potential compensation available to remedy age discrimination.

Employment Agreements and Age Discrimination Law

Employers may use a severance package to entice terminated older employees to leave without litigation. Accepting a severance agreement often requires the employee to give up many of their legal rights. The federal Older Worker Benefit Protection Act ensures employees have a fair opportunity to review a severance agreement before signing it.

Whenever an employment agreement includes a waiver of age discrimination claims, the employee must receive a minimum of 21 days to review and consider their employer’s offer. The employee could also revoke agreement for up to seven days after signing.

Employees considering severance could have a well-practiced Prince William County age discrimination lawyer review any agreements. It may be beneficial to take adequate time and work with a lawyer to fully understand any relinquished rights, the terms of severance, and legal options. Depending on the cause of severance, an attorney may suggest pursuing a legal claim for compensation that outweighs severance benefits.

Ally with a Prince William County Age Discrimination Attorney

A skilled Prince William County age discrimination lawyer could assess your situation, discuss the law with you, and help you decide about actions to take. Age discrimination could happen in any field and at any level of employment. It is possible to bring a legal claim underneath the appropriate federal and state protections. Allow a legal representative from the Spiggle Law Firm to advise on your case today – click here to access the free, online case review tool.