Prince William County Severance Agreements Lawyer

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Employees offered a severance package may wish to refrain from signing the agreement until they have received independent legal advice from a Prince William County severance agreements lawyer. This is because employers frequently use severance packages to induce employees departure quietly and amicably. Severance contracts may be one-sided to the employer’s benefit.

Accepting a package after leaving a job may require you to give up many of your employment rights in exchange for benefits. An experienced employment attorney from the Spiggle Law Firm could review a severance offer and suggest ways that an agreement can be rewritten to better benefit you. Depending on your individualized situation, this could range from minor fine-tuning to demanding substantially more compensation.

How Could an Attorney Help Improve a Severance Contract?

After reviewing a severance agreement, an attorney could assess the strength of the employee’s position and advise about potential next steps. In some instances, a Prince William County severance agreements lawyer may recommend bringing legal action against the employer rather than voluntarily entering into a severance agreement. This may occur if there is evidence of discrimination, pursuant to Prince William County Code Sec. 10.1-4, or other violations of state and/or federal law.

Even where the circumstances do not call for making major demands, small changes to a contract could make a major difference in your future. This may include altering the schedule or value of severance payments, changing how the employer will handle reference requests, and defining the dates of separation. Allowing a Prince William County attorney to negotiate severance agreements with your employer could result in a more favorable end to employment.

Addressing Concerns About Future Employment in Prince William County

Before signing an agreement and accepting severance, an employee should fully understand the possible rights they are asked to relinquish. Many severance agreements carry non-solicitation or non-compete sections. These sections could pose a problem if you wish to continue your career in the same field.

If contained within a severance contract, a skilled lawyer could advise you about the scope and enforceability of these restrictions. If the terms unfairly or unlawfully restrain your ability to make a living, it may be valuable to have a legal representative negotiate with your employer for better terms of departure. This may include a shorter period of non-competition or smaller geographic scope.

Securing a favorable reference may also be a concern for job seekers. While many employers will agree to provide a neutral reference, this may not be enough. As part of a severance package, you may request an acceptable letter of reference. A skilled Prince William County severance agreements attorney could advise about these issues and other ways to make a severance agreement or package more beneficial.

Consult a Prince William County Severance Agreements Attorney

Before you sign a severance agreement, you may benefit from getting legal advice about the departure terms you are considering. Even if you have already signed an agreement, a lawyer from the Spiggle Law Firm could help you understand your rights and obligations under the agreement.

After reviewing the unique circumstances of your departure from a job, a Prince William County severance agreements lawyer could identify strengths of your position and advise on how to protect your rights. For more information, use our free online case review tool.