Prince George’s County Family Responsibilities Discrimination Lawyer

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Workplace discrimination, while illegal, can happen to anyone, including those who have taken it upon themselves to care for children, aging parents, or disabled people. At the Spiggle Law Firm, we believe that you should be able to manage responsibilities outside of work without compromising your employment.

However, if you are discriminated against because of this, it may benefit you to contact a committed Prince George’s county family responsibilities discrimination lawyer from. If retained, one of our seasoned workplace discrimination attorneys could be dedicated to helping you fight discrimination against you in any form.

Basics of Caregiver Discrimination

Currently, caregivers are not listed under anti-discrimination statutes as a protected class. Despite this, many employees may face family responsibilities discrimination in the workplace.

Though caregivers are not formally protected, many other classes—such as age, sex, gender, or disability—are. A seasoned Prince George’s County family responsibilities discrimination attorney may be able to define whether the treatment you experienced at work comprises discrimination against a protected class.

There are federal anti-discrimination statutes that protect family and medical leave, disabled Americans, and against age, gender, and sex discrimination. State laws in Prince George’s County provide similar protections. Depending on circumstances, any of these laws may apply in a caregiver discrimination claim.

Discrimination, Title VII, And Caregiving Stereotypes

Most caregiver discrimination cases are brought under Title VII, which prohibits discrimination on the basis of gender and sex. Though anyone is susceptible to caregiver discrimination, gender stereotyping typically casts women as primary caregivers—perceptions which could be amplified if you are currently pregnant or may become pregnant.

Employers may treat pregnant employees differently because they may feel the employee should not be working or is unable to devote the same amount of attention to their work as a non-pregnant person. Depending on the circumstances, this differing treatment could qualify as illegal discrimination.

Gender stereotypes could also negatively impact male employees. Men who take or would like to take a role as primary caregivers of their children could experience family responsibilities discrimination just as much as women might. In some cases, an employer may feel this is not a man’s role and could treat you differently because of it.

Time Off Work to Provide Care

Under the federal Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), qualified employees are allowed up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave to care for immediate family members. Specifically, the FMLA protects leave if an employee’s parent, child, or spouse is seriously ill or to care for a new child.

Despite this federal protection, employees may experience negative or unfair treatment at work for asking to take leave or deciding to take leave. Our family responsibilities discrimination lawyers in Prince George’s County understands employees should not be punished for taking advantage of rights and could help you enforce the rights granted to you under the FLMA.

Caring for the Aging and Disabled Population

Older adults in Prince George’s County may need care as well. Both the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA) could protect adult children who take the role of caregiver in these situations.

Family responsibilities discrimination can occur when qualified employees are denied opportunities because of the time they spent caring for a disabled family member. In some situations, the ADA prohibits discrimination against employees who are associated with a disabled person.

In other cases, the ADEA makes it unlawful to discriminate against employees over the age of 40. Either way, if you are caring for an aging parent, you may wish to speak with a family responsibilities discrimination attorney in Prince George’s County to discuss how these Acts could apply to your case.

Talk to a Prince George’s County Family Responsibilities Discrimination Attorney

If you are experiencing caregiver discrimination, know that there are laws that can protect you. The Spiggle Law Firm could approach family responsibilities discrimination cases with knowledge and compassion for your unique situation.

If you believe your role as a caregiver is causing workplace discrimination, do not hesitate to contact a determined Prince George’s County family responsibilities discrimination lawyer. If you have any questions regarding any mentioned protections, click here to have our team review your case for free online.