Prince George’s County Age Discrimination Lawyer

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While age discrimination may impact employees of any age, older workers are especially vulnerable to this type of discrimination. Stereotypes regarding the ability keep up with pace or technology could result in unlawful actions taken against workers over 40. Our seasoned workplace discrimination attorneys at the Spiggle Law Firm are dedicated to helping individuals flourish in their career at any age.

A Prince George’s County age discrimination lawyer from our firm could be committed to fighting against age bias in the workplace. If you have experienced age discrimination in any aspect of current employment or job search, understand there are legal options that may be able to protect you and your rights.

How Does Unlawful Age Discrimination Happen?

Age discrimination can occur in any industry, job field, or employment level. However, all forms of age discrimination are equally illegal. Common examples include:

  • Maximum age ranges in employment postings
  • Unlawful forced retirement
  • Refusing to train older employees
  • Not offering benefits or raises
  • Promoting unqualified younger employees over qualified older employees
  • Preferential treatment for younger employees
  • Termination based on age

Age discrimination could happen in a variety of ways—put another way, it is not limited only to actions that occur during employment. Age discrimination is prohibited in all areas of employment, including recruitment and hiring practices.

Treatment during employment, such as firing, promotions, or compensation, could also be actionable age discrimination. However, not all instances involving poor treatment of an older employee amount to age discrimination. For a successful claim, you or your Prince George’s County age discrimination attorney must demonstrate that an employment decision was based specifically on factors relating to age.

Legal Protections Against Age Discrimination in Prince George’s County

The Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA) is one of many federal anti-discrimination statutes that prohibit discrimination based on protected characteristics. The ADEA, in particular, prohibits age discrimination against employees over the age of 40. The Equal Opportunity Employment Commission (EEOC) investigates and enforces federal age discrimination claims filed under this Act.

The ADEA applies to most Maryland employees, but special exemptions may apply to employers with less than 20 total employees. If you are unsure whether if your employer complies with the ADEA, feel free to contact a dedicated age discrimination lawyer in Prince George’s County.

Maryland Commission on Civil Rights

In addition to federal protections, someone facing age discrimination in Prince George’s County could access remedies under state law. Employers with more than 15 employees could face penalties if found violating Maryland’s age discrimination laws.

Federal protections impose a firm age requirement for age discrimination claims. However, the Maryland State Government Code has no age requirement for age discrimination claims under state protection. Consequently, you may file an age discrimination claim through the Maryland Commission on Civil Rights at any age. Speak with a dedicated employment attorney for more information.

Let a Prince George’s County Age Discrimination Attorney Help

The Spiggle Law Firm has several years of experience consulting clients on age discrimination matters. If you have questions regarding a specific instance of potential discrimination, contact our offices today for a consultation.

A Prince George’s County age discrimination lawyer is well versed in the application of both state and federal protection and could help you file or build a positive discrimination claim. Click here for a free online review of your case by our talented legal team.