Prince George’s County Employment Lawyer

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Do you have questions about your legal rights at work? If you do, a qualified Prince George’s County employment lawyer can be an important resource. Our experienced employment attorneys can provide guidance tailored to your specific needs and help you resolve your workplace concerns.

We help individuals from various professional backgrounds with their employment issues. Our services range from litigating complex cases in federal and state courts to advising on common workplace issues. At The Spiggle Law Firm, there are many ways we could help you with your workplace concerns. Contact us today for your personalized consultation.

Illegal Employment Practices

Federal law prohibits workplace discrimination based on race, gender, age, national origin, disability, and other protected categories. Maryland anti-discrimination laws also add sexual orientation, marital status, and familial status to the areas of protection.

Additionally, it is illegal for employers to deprive their workers of fair compensation. This can take the form of unpaid overtime, minimum wage violations, independent contractor misclassification, unpaid commissions or bonuses, and other tactics that skirt the law. A Prince George’s County employment lawyer could help you understand your potential claims for compensation if you have experienced illegal discrimination or wage theft violations.

Employment Contract Review

If you are considering any kind of agreement or contract with a current or potential employer, you may need legal advice about how it will affect you and how to avoid future pitfalls from a poorly or unfairly drafted agreement. For example, an employee negotiating a contract with a new employer could have an experienced lawyer go over the contract with them to spot red flags or areas for improvement. Many contracts, such as non-competes, may unfairly inhibit future employment opportunities, which is why getting legal advice about the scope and enforceability of an agreement before signing, can be beneficial.

Negotiating Severance Agreements

Before considering an employer’s severance package, read through the contract carefully. Although severance agreements often include some benefits for the employee, including pay, they usually involve lengthy and confusing written agreements that require employees to give up many legal rights. You should understand the rights and claims you may be giving up, such as the ability to sue for discrimination or other violations, before signing an agreement.

Even if the severance agreement has already been signed, legal advice can help employees who want to make sure their employer follows through with the agreement. Considering consulting with legal counsel to reinforce or potentially revise the agreement to your benefit.

Public Employees

In many instances, federal, state, and local government employees have rights that differ from their private sector counterparts. They may also follow different procedures to enforce those rights.

Public employees needing assistance with any work-related legal issue should consider getting help from our Prince George’s County employment lawyers who are experienced in representing government employees. A qualified employment lawyer could provide guidance about potential claims and suggest actions to take to pursue them through the appropriate agencies and courts.

Contacting a Prince George’s County Employment Lawyer for More Information

If you have any work-related legal issues, you may benefit from the advice of an experienced employment lawyer at The Spiggle Law Firm who understands workplace concerns and the many laws that govern them.

Regardless of the complexity of your situation, personal guidance from a qualified and competent Prince George’s County employment lawyer could be crucial to getting a full and fair resolution your concerns. Click here to get a free online review of your issue.