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Parents at Work is a podcast for people who want to succeed and thrive at work while they have kids.
Remember the days before kids? When you could get up early, rock your early morning routine, and then get into the office ready to kick butt and take names. Or, at the very least, you could function like a normal human being?

I do.

I also remember how all that changed after I had children. Those high-functioning mornings gave way to long sleepless nights and breakfasts eaten in what felt and sounded like a war zone. I distinctly recall standing in my kitchen one morning at 7:30, with my suit and tie on, when my three-year-old melted down into a full-on tantrum, lying on the floor kicking and screaming. This caused my one-year-old, who was sitting in his high chair to start crying, with the puréed whatever he was eating dribbling down his chin and onto his lap. Understandably, thinking he needed to join in with the pack, our cocker spaniel, who was posted up under the table waiting for the usual array of tasty morsels to rain down, started howling loudly. My wife, who also had to get out the door to work, looked at me and asked, “Is this really happening?”

Coming off the heels of an experience like that, I would stumble into work exhausted, frazzled, and frustrated. And then things would go downhill from there…

Don’t get me wrong, I love my kids.

Apparently, by some virtue of our overwhelming need to reproduce, my brainstem tells me that I would do it all again, even knowing what I know now. And I would. I suspect that you would too.

But I wish I knew then (and now) how to remain a high performer at a job that I (mostly) love while going through what can be the mentally and physically punishing work of raising children.

Thus, the impetus for this podcast. There has to be a better way than just muscling through it. To that end, we’ll be talking to parents and experts (who may also be parents) about tips, tricks, and mind-sets to teach parents today how to have kids AND keep their mojo at work.

Each month, beginning May 2019, we focus parents in a different industry or profession. You’ll hear one conversation with several women about what it’s like to be a working mom in that space, and another conversation with several dads about their experiences as working dads in that profession. Our goal is to foster a dialog that helps cross-pollinate ideas about working parenthood across industries.

See you at the office, bright eyed and bushy tailed!

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About Your Co-Hosts

Tom Spiggle has four children and for that reason spends a great deal of time at the firm he founded in 2009. When he had fewer children and more time, Tom managed to graduate with honors from the Georgetown University Law School, clerk for a judge, work at several private law firms and serve as an Assistant United States Attorney.

Tom founded Spiggle Law to help individuals facing difficult workplace issues. Although Spiggle Law represents employees in many different matters, Tom has a soft spot for those who suffer from discrimination solely because they are pregnant or have family-care issues, like caring for a sick child or an elderly parent. As a former prosecutor with significant experience in high-level criminal cases, Tom is also uniquely qualified to represent individuals subject to workplace investigations and criminal prosecutions.

Lori Mihalich-Levin wears three main hats in life. She is a Medicare regulatory lawyer at a large international law firm, the founder of Mindful Return LLC,  a program that helps new parents return to work after parental leave, and is mama to two awesome redheaded boys. She is also the author of Back to Work After Baby: How to Plan and Navigate a Mindful Return from Maternity Leave.

Lori completed her undergraduate studies at Princeton, received her JD from Georgetown University Law Center (like Tom), and spent an amazing year as a Rotary Ambassadorial Scholar in Aix-en-Provence, France.

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