I Got Fired


I Got Fired! Is a podcast for people who have been fired or are afraid they might be. We’ll also discuss other workplace-related topics like non-compete and non-solicitation agreement.

Join founder of The Spiggle Law Firm, Tom Spiggle and his partner, Phillis Rambsy as they talk with other attorneys nationwide who focus on representing employees about cutting-edge employment law issues.

This podcast is designed for non-lawyers, giving you real-world advice about how to protect your career.


About your Host

Tom Spiggle has four children and for that reason spends a great deal of time at the firm he founded in 2009. When he had fewer children and more time, Tom managed to graduate with honors from the Georgetown University Law School, clerk for a judge, work at several private law firms and serve as an Assistant United States Attorney.

Tom founded Spiggle Law to help individuals facing difficult workplace issues. Although Spiggle Law represents employees in many different matters, Tom has a soft spot for those who suffer from discrimination solely because they are pregnant or have family-care issues, like caring for a sick child or an elderly parent. As a former prosecutor with significant experience in high-level criminal cases, Tom is also uniquely qualified to represent individuals subject to workplace investigations and criminal prosecutions.

This is where it starts to get better.

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