14: Insights from Lawyer Moms

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Juggling parenthood as a working mom can be a challenge, especially as a lawyer. Today, Tom Spiggle and Co-host Lori Mihalich-Levin interview two moms who work within the legal field, Anjali Patel and Katy Robinette.

Both mothers currently have two children ranging from the ages of 15 months to 4 years., They discuss their experience as working parents in the private and public sectors, how they found a system that works for them, and the most important things they’ve learned throughout their time as a working parent.

For more insight on what it looks like to succeed in life as a mom and lawyer, tune into this episode of Parents at Work.

Kathryn Robinette

Associate Massey & Gail LLP

Anjali Patel

Staff Counsel Verizon Communications

Show Highlights:

– Katy’s experience transitioning into a judicial clerkship as a mom
– Anjali’s experience having children as a mid-level associate at a large firm
– Preparing to be a working mom and aligning your career with parenthood
– Looking at jobs with benefits and flexibility for families
– Asking firms about their parental policies and finding a firm that offers what you
– Macro and micro perspectives about what it’s like to be a mom and a lawyer
– Skills that parenthood provides within the workplace
– The push and pull parents feel trying to balance parenthood and a career
– Support systems that were effective returning to the office from maternity leave
– Advice for navigating parenthood in the workplace
– The importance of advocating for yourself and asking hard questions
– Learning to communicate about your needs as a working parent

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14: Insights from Lawyer Moms

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14: Insights from Lawyer Moms

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14: Insights from Lawyer Moms

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14: Insights from Lawyer Moms

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