15: Insights from Attorney Dads

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Being a working parent looks different for everyone, but there are many tactics and techniques that are effective no matter what your current circumstances are. This episode of Parents at Work interviews two lawyer dads, Justin Johnson and Kenny Kraft, who are currently navigating how to be successful both in their careers and as parents.

In this episode, Justin and Kenny share their experiences transitioning back into the office after paternity leave, how to effectively communicate and collaborate with your partner, and how to make time for other valuable aspects of life. For more insight on how to navigate work life and parenthood join Tom Spiggle and co-host Lori Mihalich-Levin in today’s interview.

Justin T. Johnson

Senior Corporate Counsel Rush University System for Health

Kenny Kraft

Senior Counsel Federal Government

Show Highlights:

– What Kenny’s and Justin’s working parent situations looks like
– Whether or not parenthood was a factor in deciding on a career
– The transition to becoming a lawyer and parent
– What it’s like to be a dad in the legal industry
– Communicating with your spouse and navigating parenthood together
– Workplace support systems that have been the most effective
transitioning back into work
– Making work a support system for the more important aspects of life
– Workplace benefits that were anticipated to be helpful but ended up
being unnecessary
– Benefits within firms that are especially effective for working parents
– Changes that would be advantageous for working dads
– The pros and cons of technological growth and how telecommuting is
– The struggle of finding affordable and flexible childcare
– Trusting yourself and collaborating with your partner
– The importance of not sacrificing your self-care
– Getting creative to implement what you need into your schedule
– Limiting and balancing technology use with your children

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15: Insights from Attorney Dads

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15: Insights from Attorney Dads

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15: Insights from Attorney Dads

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15: Insights from Attorney Dads

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