Parents At Work Podcast: Setting Your Priorities for Your Family While Excelling at Work

You believe in your vocation or career that your time and energy is important, but you also believe in your responsibilities as a parent. How can you find a balance between the two? Can you follow your career or civic passions while still showing up as a parent? There are also more expectations put on parents than ever before. Between your career and that social pressure, it can feel like you are burning the candle at both ends.

Aimed at working parents who are eager to get ahead in their careers, this podcast touches on everything from personal stories, to legal advice, to tips on how to stay effective at work.

Parents at Work has already featured guests such as Washington Post’s workplace advice columnist Karla Miller and Elisabeth Stitt, a parenting coach and author. Future guests will include other experts on parenting and workplace issues, as well as mothers and fathers who have their own hard-won advice.