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There are few places people in Montgomery County spend more time than at work. Given how many hours are put into the average career, you ultimately may spend years of your life with their work colleagues, and for some people, the office can feel like a second home.

Unfortunately, an unethical behavior may do a lot to damage your opinion of your work life, especially if it involves retaliation from a supervisor or coworker for speaking up about a problem or violation of the law. Though some people in such situations resign themselves to job hunting and hoping for the best, there are legal options that could help you hold retaliating employers responsible for their behavior.

Workers in Maryland are protected by a number of legal statutes prohibiting retaliation in the workplace, and a seasoned employment lawyer with the Spiggle Law Firm could offer professional guidance and expertise on how to navigate these laws and make them work for you. Contact Montgomery County workplace retaliation lawyer today.

Forms of Retaliation

Some of the most common forms of workplace retaliation are obvious: an employee who is fired after speaking up about discriminatory hiring practices, for instance, or who is demoted after filing a workers’ compensation claim. Sometimes, though, the retaliation is less obvious. Because workplace retaliation is against the law, employers could commit such actions in unpredictable ways.

Other inappropriate adverse reactions may include unfairly negative performance reviews, salary decreases, and hostile attitudes. Workplace bullying, including harassment and exclusion, is also common, as is reassignment to a different department or shift. These subtler types of retaliation can be just as harmful as more blatant forms.

Fortunately, more and more employees are recognizing these trends and taking a stand for themselves. In 2014, nearly half of the claims received by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission stemmed from workplace retaliation. A Montgomery County workplace retaliation lawyer can work with a person to file an appropriate claim.

Legal Statutes Prohibiting Workplace Retaliation

Although many employers across the country continue to penalize workers from speaking out or taking action in the face of unethical behavior, there are a number of legal statutes outlawing workplace retaliation.

Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 prohibits your employer from retaliating against you if you file a complaint about their company. The statute also outlaws retaliation against you for participating in an investigation surrounding claims of discrimination or harassment.

The Occupational Safety and Health Act, or OSHA, forbids retaliation for reporting workplace hazards. Similarly, the Family Medical Leave Act outlaws retaliation against you for taking any leave to which you are legally entitled. Finally, the National Labor Relations Act prohibits employer retaliation in response to you joining or supporting a union.

A Montgomery County workplace retaliation lawyer could help you understand your rights and determine if there is a legal statute protecting you from retaliation. The odds are generally good that if you are punished for speaking up against unethical or unfair behavior, you are being retaliated against illegally.

How a Montgomery County Workplace Retaliation Attorney Could Help

Anyone suffering unethical consequences from doing the right thing at work should consider speaking to a Montgomery County workplace retaliation lawyer at the Spiggle Law Firm. Our knowledge of employment law could give you the motivation and reassurance needed to take action against unethical employers.

Call now to schedule your initial appointment. Alternatively, you could get a free estimation of your case’s potential value right here on our website by using our Case Assessment Calculator. We are ready and available to help you with all your legal needs.