Montgomery County Employment Lawyer

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A qualified Montgomery County employment lawyer could be dedicated to assisting you if you are somehow wronged within the workplace. You have enough to worry about dealing with the daily responsibilities of your job without trying to figure out if your employer is following applicable employment laws.

Let the Spiggle Law Firm handle your legal issues so that you can focus on the work you need to get done. Our legal team is available to help you through every phase of your employment matter, from negotiations to litigation and everything in between. We could handle claims of discrimination, harassment, wage and hour violations, employment contract violations, wrongful termination, workers’ compensation, non-compete issues, federal employment issues, and employee misclassification.

Understanding Employment Law

Fundamentally, employment law attorneys in Montgomery County work on cases involving violations of employee rights, how employees are compensated, and how they are treated at work. Similar to other fields of law, employment law cases can take many different paths toward their ultimate resolution. While some cases are resolved quickly, others can be more contentious and require more time and resources to conclude.

When You Do Not Get Paid

Being lawfully compensated for work performed is one of the most basic and essential elements of an employment relationship; unfortunately, it is sometimes disregarded. Withholding paychecks altogether is one of the most egregious wage offenses that a Montgomery County employment attorney could help you with.

Alternatively, your employer may violate minimum wage standards by failing to pay you the accurate hourly wage relative to your position. Overtime wage violations are also a significant and common problem, as are certain employers’ refusal or failure to pay for work done before or after a shift, or “off the clock.”

When You Are Treated Unfairly

Equally significant—if not more so—than getting paid for the work that you do is how you are treated in the workplace. There is an entire facet of employment law that protects employees from unfair treatment in the workplace, including harassment and discrimination in particular. Hostile treatment due to your skin color, gender, or religious beliefs is unacceptable, and working to remedy illegal employment practices such as harassment and discrimination is one of our firm’s primary objectives.

When You Report Illegal Conduct

You may not always be personally impacted by unlawful activity in the workplace, but it is within your rights to disclose this information to the appropriate authorities. However, if you choose to report or refuse to engage in illegal practices and procedures, you may be subject to backlash by your employer. Employment laws are in place to shield employees who come forward to disclose illegalities within a company.

Consult with a Montgomery County Employment Attorney Today

To report violations of federal or state employment laws as a Montgomery County employee, you could file a complaint with the Equal Opportunity Employment Commission (EEOC) or the Montgomery County Office of Human Rights. Working with an attorney who is familiar with the administrative processes within these agencies could make this process more manageable.

If you need legal assistance with an employment issue, click here for Spiggle Law Firm’s free online case review by a Montgomery County employment lawyer. We serve clients throughout the Montgomery County area, and we want to make sure you and your job are safe.