Maryland Veterans’ Workplace Retaliation Lawyer

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State law provides protections for employed veterans to exercise their rights in the workplace. For instance, employed former servicemembers may not be punished for taking medical leave, requesting time off, reporting illegal behavior, or refusing to participate in unlawful activity.

If your boss punished you for filing a complaint or expressing an oppositional view at work, consider retaining a skilled veteran’s attorney from the Spiggle Law Firm. An experienced Maryland veterans’ workplace retaliation lawyer could help you determine whether you have a valid claim against your employer and pursue damages to recover your subsequent losses.

State Workplace Retaliation Laws

Maryland General Provisions Code §8-107 prohibits employers from retaliating against employees or contractors for reporting illegal behavior or code violations. Former servicemembers who investigate or report unlawful employment practices may not be fired for doing so.

Furthermore, veteran healthcare workers may not be disciplined for reporting violations of Maryland law to upper management or a regulatory board. Moreover, MD Health Occ Code §1-502 makes it illegal for a Maryland business owner to retaliate against an employed veteran for refusing to perform a task that they know to be unlawful.

Civil Claims in Maryland

Under MD Gen Provisions Code §8-107, a veteran employee may seek both equitable and legal remedies. Improperly treated workers may request the courts to halt a business from further engagement in retaliatory activity as well as for reinstatement to the same or a similar position if they were fired. Additionally, former servicemembers may receive up to two times the amount of their lost wages if they were wrongfully terminated.

Under some circumstances, a wrongfully treated veteran might also recover legal fees from their employer. A business owner whose retaliatory actions were particularly egregious could be required to pay punitive damages in addition to a compensatory award. A steadfast Maryland veteran’s workplace retaliation attorney could help evaluate your boss’s actions to determine an adequate amount for compensation.

USERRA Protections

The Uniformed Service Employment and Reemployment Rights Act (USERRA) protects veterans from illegal employer retaliation or discrimination on the basis of their military status. Employers in Maryland are also prohibited from retaliating against a military veteran in the form of financial punishments.

They cannot legally withhold an annual raise or company-wide pay increase from a soldier who was away on active duty for part of the year. A diligent veterans’ workplace retaliation lawyer in Maryland could help you assert your rights under USERRA against your employer and collect monetary reimbursement.

Contact a Maryland Veterans’ Workplace Retaliation Attorney Today

Employed veterans deserve respect for serving the United States military, especially in the workplace. If your employer retaliated against you for reporting unlawful practices or tried to punish you for exercising your rights as a former servicemember, dedicated legal assistance may be available at the Spiggle Law Firm. To learn the merit of your claim, call a seasoned Maryland veterans’ workplace retaliation lawyer today or click here to use our no-cost online case assessment tool.