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In a world that is often dominated by employers, workers can find themselves at a severe disadvantage in wage disputes. However, numerous federal laws, such as the Fair Labor Standards Act, function primarily to even that playing field.

If you experience a significant dispute with an employer regarding hours worked or wages earned, contact a Maryland wage and hour lawyer as soon as possible. Our employment lawyers in Maryland could work to make sure your rights are protected and you are given fair compensation for your labor.

The Maryland Wage Payment and Collection Law

A piece of legislation designed specifically to protect workers in Maryland is the state’s Wage Payment and Collection Law. Under this system, a worker has a valid claim against their employer if they perform at least half of their work in Maryland and believe their employer has not paid them appropriate wages or overtime. Additionally, the worker in question must be an employee rather than an independent contractor.

Furthermore, the Maryland Wage Payment and Collection Law does not only cover hourly wages. “Wages” can be legally defined in Maryland to include sales commissions, bonuses, overtime payments, and benefits like sick leave or vacation time. The MWPCL also covers various other forms of payment or compensation, including agreements to work for room and board or payment in items rather than paper money.

Which Workers are Covered?

Under the MWPCL and the FLSA, certain workers are considered exempt, meaning that they cannot file claims for overtime payment. Generally, this is because those positions earn a higher amount of compensation and are paid on a salaried basis rather than hour-by-hour. Exempt employees under current federal guidelines (as of December 1st, 2016) include anyone who earns more than $47,476 per year, perform higher-level functions like administration or executive work and is a salaried worker. If you satisfy all three of those criteria, then you are an exempt worker.

However, there are some exceptions to this general rule of thumb, so it is best to consult with a Maryland wage and hour lawyer to determine whether you are in fact exempt. As stated previously, you must also be an employee rather than an independent contractor to collect compensation under the MWPCL.

Violations of the Fair Labor Standards Act

Employers violate the FLSA in a variety of ways, but some methods are particularly common in Maryland. Asking workers to continue performing job duties at home without additional compensation is a violation of the FLSA. Additionally, altering the timesheets of employees is also a violation.

Not paying overtime is a violation, as is asking workers to come in early to perform unpaid prep work like setting up tables or cleaning silverware. Making employees work through their mandated lunch breaks is also a violation of the FLSA.

Workers who experience these issues may have a valid claim against their employer and should contact a Maryland wage and hour lawyer immediately.

Contact a Maryland Wage and Hour Attorney Today

If you or a loved one feel that your rights under the FLSA may have been violated, contact a Maryland wage and hour lawyer as soon as possible to see if compensation can be sought under the MWPCL. A Maryland wage and hour lawyer from the Spiggle Law Firm could walk you through the details of your claim and help you recover what is owed to you by law.