Maryland Federal Employee Wrongful Suspension/Termination Lawyer

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If you are a federal employee facing a wrongful suspension or termination, you should consider getting legal help as soon as you can. Addressing wrongful employment actions early in the process with the assistance of a qualified federal employment attorney from the Spiggle Law Firm could help avoid costly missteps.

Federal employment law is a specialized area and calls for strong advocacy from a lawyer who understands the demands of federal employee cases. With the help of a dedicated Maryland federal employee wrongful suspension/termination lawyer, you could identify possible outcomes to your particular situation and work to achieve the best result the law allows.

Untangling the Federal Employment System

When it comes to performance-based termination, demotion, suspension, and other punitive actions, federal employees have the right to correct any alleged performance issues before the employer can take action against them. This typically begins with a Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) and a Performance Appraisal Period (PAP), although anyone who receives a PIP should be aware that it often indicates their employer intends to terminate or demote them.

Employees of federal agencies have additional due process rights under the Civil Service Reform Act. This legislation created the Merit System Protection Board (MSPB), a quasi-judicial body that bears responsibility for the federal civil service merit system. Before an agency can take final action against an employee, they often must go through with the MSPB.

Federal employee wrongful suspension/termination attorneys in Maryland regularly represent individuals who are facing the dire situation of losing the federal agency job that they have worked hard to advance in. When this need arises, getting help from our lawyers at the Spiggle Law Firm early in the process may benefit anyone who wishes to understand their rights better and work to prepare a compelling defense of their rights.

Defending Against Wrongful Suspensions and Terminations

The result of a disciplinary process that involves alleged performance issues can be reassignment, demotion, or reassignment. When the action arises from a Performance Improvement Plan (PIP), there are several defenses that a federal employee could raise. These include:

  • The agency gave no meaningful opportunity for improvement of alleged performance deficiencies
  • The agency “loaded the dice” by imposing a PIP that was impossible to pass
  • The agency pre-determined to terminate the employee and created a sham performance improvement process
  • The agency failed to assist during the improvement period

The law also provides remedies and procedures when a wrongful suspension or termination takes place for discriminatory reasons or in retaliation for exercising Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) rights.

Challenging a wrongful suspension or termination can involve numerous levels of administrative investigation and appeal before a federal employee has the right to pursue a case in court. Strict timelines and specific procedures apply in many wrongful termination cases, so getting the help of a qualified Maryland attorney could be essential for anyone federal employee seeking to preserve their legal rights and put their best foot forward as they address their wrongful suspension or termination.

A Skilled Maryland Federal Employee Wrongful Suspension/Termination Attorney Is Available to Help

While federal workers have numerous legal protections that prohibit wrongful suspension or termination, enforcing your rights in this regard can involve complicated and arcane processes. Having a caring legal professional by your side may take much of the guesswork out of this challenging experience.

A skilled lawyer from the Spiggle Law Firm could provide valuable guidance and help you make educated decisions to protect your career and minimize the effect of any actions your employer may take against you. Your attorney may also suggest steps you could take to seek compensation, as well as other remedies that might be available to address wrongful suspension or termination.

When it comes to federal employment law, experience matters. Call today to learn more about getting help from a Maryland federal employee wrongful termination/suspension lawyer, or use our free online case review tool to learn your legal rights and options.