Maryland Age Discrimination Lawyer

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Maryland is one of the country’s most progressive states concerning matters of age discrimination in the workplace. In fact, the state legislature has taken the step of expanding upon the federal prohibitions on age discrimination to protect workers of all ages. In addition, Maryland’s laws apply to a greater number of employers than the federal laws do.

Anyone who has experienced age discrimination at work has options. Both Maryland and the federal government provide avenues through which you could file a complaint and pursue a remedy in court.

A Maryland age discrimination lawyer from the Spiggle Law Firm may be able to help. We could work with you to examine the incident of discrimination, determine if you have a potential case, and diligently argue that case on your behalf.

Maryland Regulations on Age Discrimination

Employment laws that affect workers in Maryland are a combination of federal and state statutes. The baseline for workers’ rights is established in the federal Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA), which prohibits employers from discriminating against people 40 years of age or older. Discrimination can manifest in decisions to hire or fire, scheduling issues, or the availability of benefits.

These provisions apply only to workplaces with at least 20 employees, but all qualifying employers around the country are required to follow this law. However, many states have taken the step to expand upon these protections, Maryland being one of them.

The Maryland Fair Employment Practices Act, enumerated in Code of Maryland §20-606, expands the protections included in the ADEA to people of all ages. It also requires companies with as few as 15 employees to follow these rules. Therefore, workers in Maryland are more legally protected from age discrimination than workers in most other states.

Remedies for Workers in Maryland

Because of Maryland’s extensive laws protecting workers from age discrimination, the state also maintains investigative agencies dedicated to rooting out and punishing these acts. Maryland employees also have the option to file a complaint with the federal government. Each option has advantages and disadvantages, but a Maryland age discrimination lawyer could help you choose the path that works best for you.

Maryland’s Office of the Statewide EEO Coordinator is dedicated to investigating all incidents of workplace discrimination, including those of age discrimination. Employees in Maryland may contact this office directly to file a complaint within 30 days of the alleged incident, after which the commission may issue a ruling that offers relief to the worker. If the commission fails to issue relief in your case, you may alternatively file an appeal or petition the Maryland Commission of Civil Rights.

You may also go directly to the federal government to demand relief. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has similar powers to investigate and punish allegations of age discrimination in the workplace. While this agency does have the power of the federal government behind it, this process tends to be slower than those that are conducted by the State of Maryland.

Talk to a Maryland Age Discrimination Attorney Today

Maryland’s labor laws protect all workers regardless of age. Any employee who suffers an adverse effect at work because of their age has the right to file a complaint and seek a remedy. These adverse effects can range from differing wages and benefits to termination or a refusal to hire.

Both Maryland and the federal government maintain investigatory bodies that are dedicated to ending age discrimination in the workplace. A Maryland age discrimination lawyer at Spiggle Law may be able to help you develop a legal strategy that gives you a strong chance of success within these established systems. For a free online case review, click here. If you want to know how much your case may be worth, use our Case Assessment Calculator, here.