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To be considered, applications must include a cover letter (as described below) of no more than 750 words, indicating that you a) read this post and b) have familiarity with our practice.

Senior Sales Manager

OVERVIEW: The Spiggle Law Firm is a boutique employee-side employment law firm headquartered in Arlington, Virginia. The Spiggle Law Firm’s mission is to empower professional women who have been fired, or are afraid that they might be, particularly those discriminated against on the basis of pregnancy or leave-taking to manage family responsibilities. You can find more information about our firm at The Spiggle Law Firm seeks a Senior Sales Manager responsible for the sales of legal services to grow our team. This is a senior sales position.

RESPONSIBILITIES: The Senior Sales Manager will conduct initial consultations with prospective new clients (“PNCs”). These PNCs contact our firm and are prescreened by a receptionist who collects basic information before the Senior Sales Manager conducts the initial consultations. The Senior SalesManager is not required or expected to make cold calls.The Senior Sales Manager will: Collect more in-depth information about the PNCs and the matters for which they are seeking the firm’s help. Follow firm prescribed guidelines on how to communicate with PNCs in the most effective manner. Assure the PNCs that the firm’s attorneys and staff will be able to help them. Show compassion for their troubles. Help PNCs understand the difference between working and not working with the firm. In accordance with the ethical rules governing lawyers, the Senior Sales Manager will not provide legal advice or enter into a legal services agreement with a PNC. Rather, the Senior Sales Manager will prepare PNCs for hiring the firm with all legal services agreements approved and signed by a licensed attorney. The selected candidate must be able to keep detailed records about the number of PNCs who contact the firm, the number of PNCs who come in for initial consultations, and the number who ultimately engage the firm. The Senior Sales Manager will also be responsible for staying in contact with PNCs who do not hire the firm after their initial consultation to keep the door open for them to hire the firm when they are ready. PNCs who do hire the firm will usually receive two follow up calls from the Senior Sales Manager, to check in on their satisfaction and progress with their legal matter. This is for quality assurance.

SKILLS: The Senior Sales Manager must be confident, articulate, diplomatic, yet willing to speak frankly to the PNC when needed with high emotional intelligence. The Senior Sales Manager must be able to bring PNCs to the point of signing a legal services agreement with the firm. The Senior Sales Manager must be self-motivated and self-directed to achieve his or her professional goals as well as the firm’s goals. We expect a strong sales background and a documented history of converting leads into satisfied, life-long customers.

The Senior Sales Manager should be knowledgeable and proficient with the Windows Operating System and Microsoft Office, including Microsoft Word, Outlook, and Excel. Familiarity with Adobe Acrobat Pro and Dropbox is preferred but not required. Experience with law practice management software such as Practice Panther or Infusionsoft is a plus, but also not required. The firm primarily works with Macintosh computers.

EDUCATION AND EXPERIENCE: The ideal candidate has sold high-end products like jewellery, cars, real estate, and luxury brand apparel or luxury fashion accessories. The Senior Sales Manager should have education and/or work experience that is the equivalent of a bachelor’s degree. Real life experience and a few “battle scars” providing empathy and understanding are assets. Experience overcoming a major obstacle in life and making an important change in your life so you know at your core that others can do it too, is a plus.

COMPENSATION: Skills and experience are required, appreciated, and valued, but personality, character, intelligence, and integrity will be paramount considerations. High-maintenance, humorless, self-entitled, or self-important individuals will not succeed in this position and need not apply. This position is a more than a job. For the right candidate, it’s a career. Salary is commensurate with skill and experience and is negotiable. The position will be part-time (twenty hours per week) initially, but will become full-time within the first three months of employment. We offer part-time employees paid holidays and flexible work hours; and full-time employees up to eighty hours of paid time off annually. Retirement plans and other benefits may be offered in future.


  • Interested candidates should submit the following:
  • Cover letter containing the following in bullet-point format:
  • What you think it takes to be a stellar Senior SalesManager.
  • What you are looking for in a job.
  • What you bring to the table (i.e., qualities that would be of value to our firm).
  • Résumé.

Those we select for further consideration will be asked to take a short quiz and participate in one or more interviews, and provide professional references.

Job Type: Full-time

Salary: $50,000.00 to $80,000.00 /year

Apply today.