Howard County Federal Employment Workplace Discrimination Lawyer

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No employee, regardless of their status, should face discrimination at work. Despite the extra measures that protect federal employees, many people nonetheless face discrimination at government agencies and workplaces. With the assistance of a Howard County federal employment workplace discrimination lawyer, you do not need to suffer in silence.

By bringing the ugly facts of discrimination to light, a dedicated employment attorney could help you seek to combat these types of issues and correct them moving forward. At the Spiggle Law Firm, our attorneys are familiar with the procedures to address discrimination in the workplace and could help you pursue various forms of relief, including compensation.

Federal Employee Discrimination Cases May Be Handled in a Unique Manner

In many federal discrimination cases, disputes are resolved through administrative proceedings rather than courtroom trials. There are specific channels available for government employees seeking redress for discrimination complaints.

As an example, if you allege infringement of your rights to fair consideration and treatment within any component of the employment process, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission may hear any resulting case. In the same vein, the Merit Systems Protection Board may address appeals relating to a personnel action.

For this reason, it may be especially helpful to work with a workplace discrimination attorney who understands both the administrative and judicial trial procedures specific to federal employment in Howard County. Experienced legal counsel from the Spiggle Law Firm could work to handle the unique aspects of a federal work discrimination case, including identifying the proper place to file.

Relief Available in Government Employee Workplace Complaints

While it may be impossible to completely undo the damage workplace discrimination causes, successful legal action can still make a tremendous positive difference. Relief provided may be a combination of actions ordered to correct a problem moving forward and compensation to make up for past losses. Examples of relief may include:

  • Employee reinstatement
  • Back pay
  • Front pay, anticipating future lost wages
  • Compensatory damages
  • Injunctive relief to prohibit similar conduct in the future
  • Accommodations to meet needs

The type of relief available depends on the circumstances of discrimination and how a party chooses to seek relief. Claims made under the Age Discrimination in Employment Act, for example, do not specifically enable recovery for non-pecuniary compensatory damages such as pain and suffering.

It should be noted that these types of damages are allowed in cases involving discrimination based on race, sex, national origin, religion, genetic information, or disability. For this reason, it may be beneficial to speak with a seasoned federal employment workplace discrimination attorney in Howard County before deciding on the best method to pursue justice in your particular case.

Discrimination prohibitions are intended to prevent a hostile or harmful environment and to protect you against retaliation when you enforce your rights or assist others in doing so. In other words, regardless of your status as a federal government employee, you should not face repercussions for filing a workplace harassment or discrimination claim.

Talk to a Howard County Federal Employment Workplace Discrimination Attorney

As a federal employee, you are entitled to additional protections which may not be applicable to employees in the private sector. If you believe you were the subject of discrimination while working in a federal agency, you may wish to take the time to talk to a Howard County federal employment workplace discrimination lawyer about the added legal safeguards available to federal employees.

When you take a stand with the Spiggle Law Firm to address discrimination in the workplace, your actions could benefit you, your family, and both current and future employees. If you have questions about potential discrimination actions at a federal workplace, reach out to us through our online case review tool to discuss your case.