Howard County EEOC lawyer

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Anti-discrimination laws cover most employers in Howard County and prohibit unfair employment practices, whether they involve wages, promotions, hiring, firing, or benefits. These laws also prohibit harassment and discrimination against people who exercise their right to complain about discrimination or participate in investigations.

While facing discrimination at work is always tough, and combating it alone can seem impossible, a focused Howard County EEOC lawyer from the Spiggle Law Firm could stand by your side and provide personalized legal guidance. After a case evaluation, a knowledgeable employment attorney could determine what remedies may be available and assist in filing claims or pursuing further action to help bring about a positive result.

Time Limits for Filing a Claim Under EEOC

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) enforces laws that prohibit discrimination against employees and job applicants based on race, religion, age, sex, and various other factors. These anti-discrimination provisions have recently expanded to include gender identity, sexual orientation, genetic information, and other factors.

The process for filing a claim with the EEOC typically begins when the employee seeking relief files an administrative claim before filing a lawsuit. Depending on how you choose to file a claim and who employs you at the time, deadlines may range from 180 to 300 days after the instance of alleged discrimination. Federal employees pursue discrimination claims through a different process and usually must begin the process within 45 days of the alleged discriminatory action.

An attorney in Howard County could diligently pursue EEOC and discrimination law claims and advise you on when to file. Time limits are usually not delayed in situations where you seek to resolve an issue through arbitration, negotiation, or other means.

Remedies for Employment Discrimination

If you can demonstrate that your employer discriminated against you during the hiring, promotion, performance reviews, disciplinary actions, or other situations, the law provides various methods for you to pursue relief. The goal of any such action is to return you to a situation approximating what would exist if the discrimination did not occur.

As such, the potential remedies can vary depending on the circumstances of your unique case. Relief may attempt to correct a wrong by changing a situation. This may include promoting or reinstating you in your previous position. It could also or alternatively include an injunction to prevent discriminatory practices from occurring in the future.

In other cases, compensation may be awarded to make up for wages lost, and other damages such as mental anguish or inconvenience caused by discrimination in the workplace. Those suffering from discrimination are also frequently awarded funds to cover court costs, including the fees of expert witnesses and Howard County EEOC lawyers from the Spiggle Law Firm, should you choose to retain one.

Consult a Dedicated Howard County EEOC Attorney

While it is often impossible to fully reverse the harm caused by workplace discrimination, compensation may be available to make up for the damage you faced due to unfair employment practices. Consequently, you may want to fully discuss your claim with a Howard County EEOC lawyer to understand your legal options for pursuing this restitution.

The law also encourages employees to act against discrimination for their own well-being and to help create a better environment for all employees in the future. At the Spiggle Law Firm, our team is focused on protecting both your rights and the rights of the people you work with. Before deciding how to proceed with a claim of discrimination, click here for a free online case review.