Howard County Age Discrimination Lawyer

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Middle-aged workers take the brunt of many adverse actions in the workplace. Older and more experienced workers are typically first to go in layoffs and reductions in force. Stereotypes may also unfairly affect hiring and promotion decisions and could make it more difficult for older workers to advance in their careers.

For those affected by age discrimination, there are laws that could allow workers to address these kinds of discriminatory actions and seek compensation for their losses. If you believe that you have experienced age discrimination in your work, getting experienced legal advice from a Howard County age discrimination lawyer may be critical. One of the seasoned attorneys at the Spiggle Law Firm could help you navigate the complex federal, state and local laws that govern age discrimination and advise you about your legal rights.

Laws Prohibiting Age Discrimination

A variety of federal, state, and local laws prohibit age discrimination in Howard County, may include:

These and other employment laws could allow workers to recover monetary damages when they are able to prove workplace discrimination. Under the ADEA, this may include the value of lost wages and benefits and the recovery of double damages when the evidence demonstrates willful age discrimination.

An experienced age discrimination lawyer in Howard County could advise about what laws apply to a specific situation and what types of damages and other remedies may be available. If a plaintiff prevails in their ADEA cases, they may also be able to recover attorneys’ fees and court costs.

Severance Agreements

Professional assistance may also be significant for anyone considering a severance package. Employers frequently use severance agreements when they want to induce terminated employees to leave a job quietly and without litigation. These agreements are typically one-sided and skewed toward the employers who draft them. Getting legal advice from a Howard County attorney in age discrimination cases may help level the playing field.

Severance agreements typically require employees to waive many of their legal rights. If you are offered such an agreement, you could get legal advice before signing so you can fully understand the rights and claims you may be giving up. There may be ways you could seek to improve the agreement, ranging from minor adjustments to asking for more compensation or other changes.

The Older Workers Benefits Protection Act (OWBA) establishes special requirements to ensure older employees have a good opportunity to review a severance agreement before signing it. Under this law, if an agreement includes a release of age discrimination claims, the recipient employee must receive at least 21 days to review the agreement and may retract their acquiescence a maximum of seven days after signing.

Getting Help from a Howard County Age Discrimination Attorney

Age discrimination could affect your employment in many ways: a denied job application, lost promotions, termination, or even workplace harassment. If you experience any form of workplace discrimination, seeking representation from a skilled attorney may be an important step toward standing up for your rights.

Howard County age discrimination lawyer at the Spiggle Law Firm may be able to focus on helping employees solve their workplace issues and could take your rights as seriously as you do. Contact our offices today through our online case review tool to learn more about we could help you.