Furloughed Federal Employee Help Center

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The recent government shutdown affected more than 800,000 Americans working for the federal government. Many federal employees were left working without pay, unable to pay rent or any other expenses required to survive. This shutdown was the longest running shutdown in U.S. history. While the shutdown has temporarily ended, its status will be re-evaluated on February 15th. Below are some resources we have for federal employees:

Our Blog Post

Visit this blog to learn about what The Spiggle Law Firm is doing to help furloughed federal employees.

Reddit AMA


Attorney Tom Spiggle also did an “Ask Me Anything” on Reddit with a good amount of general information regarding the shutdown. Commenters were able to ask Tom about anything regarding the shutdown, and he did his best to answer all the queries. Visit it here.


Federal Workplace Discrimination

Aside from the shutdown, Tom has a plethora of experience defending federal workers in other areas. Read about his federal workplace discrimination experience here.

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