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Having already given up her childhood career aspiration of being a waitress, Phillis had no idea what she wanted to do after college. But she was certain that she did not want to be an attorney. However, at some point, a click of her heels landed her in law school, although even after graduation, Phillis promised herself that she would never practice at a law firm. Now having walked the law firm path for almost ten years, Phillis cannot imagine her life any other way.

Her life filled with shoes started with tap and ballet shoes as Phillis grew up in dance classes and performing as a dancer. These days, you can often find her in the latest pair of fashionable sneakers as Phillis loves to work out, she is routinely in Zumba and spinning class, and she runs half-marathons. Although she prefers to appear in court in sleek pumps or classic wedges, Phillis says the same skills required in dance and working out are required in a courtroom—practice, preparation, patience, and even playing to an “audience.”

Phillis has enjoyed a range of academic and professional roles. Phillis is the first attorney in a family of educators, and she is a former college instructor herself. She graduated from Spelman College with a B.A. in English Literature and a minor in Women’s Studies. She then obtained her M.A. degree in English Literature from the University of Kentucky and went on to earn her law degree from the University of Michigan Law School.

Phillis has been a member of “every legal association imaginable” at one time or another. She gladly participates in activities that improve the communities within which she lives and works. Phillis is particularly committed to the attainment of education for underrepresented populations—especially women and racial minorities. Additionally, she has done pro bono legal work for faith-based organizations, people with disabilities, and low-income people facing difficulties with creditors. Phillis is also a devoted supporter of cancer charities. In addition to her accomplishments as an attorney, Phillis is a frequent guest speaker at colleges and universities on issues involving race, gender, health and wellness, and legal history/trends.

Awards and Achievement

Phillis jokes that the “bar” is a constant theme in her life. She has passed three state bar exams, she spent most of her childhood at the ballet barre, and she has even obtained a bartending license! Indeed, Phillis is anything but boring. Exhibiting consistency in expansive style choices, she changes her hair color and style just as often as she shops for shoes. She is also a self-described bargain shopper—and has become an expert at finding online clothing sales. The legendary Josephine Baker is her idol and muse. People say that Phillis has a wicked sense of humor and a constant laugh. It should not be a surprise that she was voted “Most Mischievous” in high school.

Prior to joining Spiggle Law Firm, Phillis worked in litigation departments at law firms in Kentucky, Tennessee, and Maryland. She has practiced in several areas of law, including commercial litigation, employment litigation, professional liability, insurance defense, and personal injury. Devoting her practice to employment law gives Phillis a chance to combine her legal, academic, and activist interests. Clients say that Phillis is responsive to their needs and speaks in a language that they understand. Phillis describes herself as being a very assertive, even an aggressive attorney at times. However, as a native of Tennessee, she insists that she always retains her Southern charm.


  • Conducted employment workshops focusing on anti-discrimination laws and workplace diversity
  • Negotiated and prepared numerous employment agreements for employees, including medical professionals and education professionals
  • Experience in employment litigation involving state and local governments
  • Prior experience defending companies against employment claims; and now able to give employees a perspective from both sides
  • College instructor in courses focused on anti-discrimination laws

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