About Phillis

Prior to joining Spiggle Law Firm, Phillis worked in litigation departments at law firms in Kentucky, Tennessee, and Maryland. She has practiced in several areas of law, including commercial litigation, employment litigation, professional liability, insurance defense, and personal injury. Devoting her practice to employment law gives Phillis a chance to combine her legal, academic, and activist interests. Clients say that Phillis is responsive to their needs and speaks in a language that they understand.

Outside the Firm

Phillis has been a member of “every legal association imaginable” at one time or another. She gladly participates in activities that improve the communities within which she lives and works. Phillis is particularly committed to the attainment of education for underrepresented populations—especially women and racial minorities. Additionally, she has done pro bono legal work for faith-based organizations, people with disabilities, and low-income people facing difficulties with creditors. Phillis is also a devoted supporter of cancer charities. In addition to her accomplishments as an attorney, Phillis is a frequent guest speaker at colleges and universities on issues involving race, gender, health and wellness, and legal history/trends.

Phillis jokes that the “bar” is a constant theme in her life. She has passed three state bar exams, she spent most of her childhood at the ballet barre, and she has even obtained a bartending license! Exhibiting consistency in expansive style choices, she changes her hair color and style just as often as she shops for shoes. People say that Phillis has a wicked sense of humor and a constant laugh.

This is where it starts to get better.

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