About Naisa

Naisa focused on Law and Government, as well as Community Service, in her studies, parlaying that into service as a liaison between numerous New York City agencies and the community. This meant working to get those who are less fortunate – such as the homeless, undocumented immigrants, pregnant teens, and those with HIV/AIDS – the basic necessities for a decent quality of life. As a result, she won several well-deserving awards.

Outside the Firm

A huge Harry Potter fan, Naisa has read all seven books and watched all eight movies. She studies Harry Potter trivia, and she and her cousins call themselves the “Order of the Phoenix.” But when it comes time to binge-watch TV shows, you’ll find her watching Law & Order: SVU and crime documentaries.

Naisa is also athletic. When she attended basketball camp as a kid, she got to meet basketball stars Patrick Ewing, Charles Oakley, and John Starks.

This is where it starts to get better.

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