Michael Knieling


  • UCSD – Aviation Electronics – Associates Degree
  • UCLA – Legal Secretary Certificate

In his career, Michael has spent 12 of his 13 years in the legal field dedicated to serving employees to improve employee rights. He has been involved in multiple cases that were taken up on appeal and resulted in altering the law to the benefit of the employees of the entire state. Michael studied Aviation Electronics, I-Strand during his enlistment in the United States Navy and began his legal career attending the UCLA Legal Secretary Training Program. He was second in his class at UCLA.

Around the office, people say Michael is unique and a bit of a clown, but also dedicated, loyal, and very good at what he does. Michael says he’s a discovery specialist who genuinely enjoys motion practice, which is rare in the field of law. Clients say Michael is an excellent listener, highly respectful, and extremely passionate and compassionate.