About John

John prides himself most for being able to “provide a clear direction and guidance for our clients during their time of distress.”

John loves to help out the community whenever he can. He has participated in fundraisers for his local EMS and Fire Department volunteer programs, as well as the American Red Cross and breast cancer awareness initiatives. He also has an interest in environmental conservation, which includes joining in clean-ups for the Vermont Land Association.

On the academic front, John earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Hospitality Tourism Management at Northern Vermont University. His career has taken many fascinating twists and turns, but he feels at home working in law as a Senior Client Services Executive. Around the office, people say he’s upbeat and professional, a hard worker with great communication skills.

Outside the Firm

John is a seventh generation Vermonter who grew up five miles from Hubbardton Battlefield. During the Revolutionary War, the only road went past his family’s property. The stories go that his ancestors provided the soldiers with nourishment and shelter in the barn.

In his spare time, John is an avid golfer who loves road trips and outdoor activities like hiking, camping, and canoeing. But you might also find him in a local museum appreciating the art. His favorite places to travel are diverse as well – his home state of Vermont and the tropical paradise of Hawaii.

Even with all of these favorite pastimes, John says, “Nothing is better than finding a great restaurant.”

This is where it starts to get better.

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