Firm MotherAbout Jo Anne Blackmon Spiggle

Jo Anne has known attorney Tom Spiggle for as long as he can remember. That’s because she’s his mother. But don’t think for a moment that she doesn’t have plenty of impressive credentials of her own. Building on an undergraduate degree in Psychology and Education, she earned a Master’s Degree in Special Education and a Doctorate Degree in Education from North Carolina State University in Raleigh.

About Jo Anne

Jo Anne holds teaching certifications in Special Education, Elementary and Middle School Education, Language Arts, Social Studies, and Business and Marketing in Secondary Education. During her teaching career, she designed innovative programs for special needs students, which included parental involvement and enabled the students to become an integral part of the school.

She also taught in a joint position with the community college to provide high school seniors a chance to see how the college could be a part of their futures. The overwhelming majority of those seniors became first-generation college students in their families.

Outside the Firm

People who meet Jo Anne say she is easy to talk with and that she listens well. In her spare time, she enjoys stories in all forms – books, plays, movies, and songs, and she also likes music, art, and nature. In particular, though, she loves looking at the world through the eyes of her grandchildren. Plus, she makes a delicious batch of chocolate chip cookies.

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