Jen Mulledy

Jen comes to the Spiggle Law Firm on a non-traditional path. Although her first major in college following high school was Pre-Law, as a “returning student” at the University of MD she realized she was more suited to Architecture and Physics. Since, her professional experience as an Entrepreneur, Interior Designer, and Executive Manager has developed her intuition for and dedication to the client’s journey.


Splitting her time between the DC metro and a quaint historic town in the PA mountains, she relishes this juxtaposition and never tires of being out and about in the sights and sounds of her hometowns. Although, she would like to add a tropical location to her places of residence sooner rather than later.

Jen’s more recently tackled self-inflicted challenges—met with reasonable success—include teaching herself to play the cello, building a website and online store, and training her black lab puppy. Developing time travel is, sadly, still on her “to-do” list.

This is where it starts to get better.

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