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Jo Anne Blackmon Spiggle

Jo Anne has known attorney Tom Spiggle for as long as he can remember. That’s because she’s his mother. But don’t think for a moment that she doesn’t have plenty of impressive credentials of her own. Building on an undergraduate degree in Psychology and Education, she earned a Master’s Degree in Special Education and a Doctorate Degree in Education from North Carolina State University in Raleigh.

Jo Anne holds teaching certifications in Special Education, Elementary and Middle School Education, Language Arts, Social Studies, and Business and Marketing in Secondary Education. During her teaching career, she designed innovative programs for special needs students, which included parental involvement and enabled the students to become an integral part of the school.

She also taught in a joint position with the community college to provide high school seniors a chance to see how college could be a part of their futures. The overwhelming majority of those seniors became first generation college students in their families.

Jo Anne says that working with the attorneys in The Spiggle Law Firm has been an opportunity and a challenge for her. She currently works remotely from her home in North Carolina, and she works for her son because “he incorporates the honesty and integrity our family has always valued in our work and relationships, as well as in the broader community around us.”

People who meet Jo Anne say she is easy to talk with and that she listens well. In her spare time, she enjoys stories in all forms – books, plays, movies, and songs, and she also likes music, art, and nature. In particular, though, she loves looking at the world through the eyes of her grandchildren. Plus, she makes a delicious batch of chocolate chip cookies.

Christie Herndon

Christie has lived in a few different places, including the U.K. and Malibu, California. To get to Malibu, she and her husband road-tripped from Delaware, exploring a portion of Route 66 along the way. This included a night in their own private “teepee” at the Wigwam Hotel, which was the inspiration for the “Cozy Cone Motel” in the Disney Pixar movie, “Cars.” And while her husband was in law school in London, she briefly met former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher!

Christie is a full-time mom to two toddler-aged children, but she’s also a scholar. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Sport & Exercise Science with a minor in Business Administration, graduating magna cum laude and on the Dean’s List every semester.

She’s also an outdoor sports type. She says she’d love to return to the Grand Canyon and hike from one rim to the other. She also loves hiking in the mountains, as well as spending time on the beach. She runs 5K races and half-marathons, and she enjoys swimming and tennis. Christie isn’t quite as daring when it comes to food, though. She’s more of a picky eater than an adventurous one. Mostly, she sticks to American and Italian food.

In her spare time, Christie is a preschool Sunday school teacher at her church, and she loves spending time with her family. They often go on bike rides together, or they enjoy watching the Phillies and Nationals play baseball, the NCAA tournament, and the NFL.

Around the office, people say that Christie is extremely detail-oriented. She loves making lists, especially to get that feeling of satisfaction when she checks off the completed to-do items.


Brittany Crosby

Brittany grew up in Beachwood, Ohio. She then moved to Washington, D.C. to complete her undergrad education at George Washington University. She majored in international affairs and double minored in political science and biology. Brittany spent her undergraduate years cheerleading for GW and studying abroad in Argentina.

Brittany is currently in her third year of law school at George Washington University Law School. She has spent her law school years focusing on litigation for both plaintiffs and defendants. After graduation, Brittany plans to move to Atlanta, Georgia to work in the business litigation division of an Atlanta law firm.

In her free time, Brittany loves to travel, practice yoga and watch Netflix with her four-year-old Alaskan Klee Kai (miniature husky) puppy.

Tracee Clements

It’s kind of early days to say what my legal talents are but I think that my inquisitive nature makes me special to my clients. I ask about everything because I’m interested in telling a complete story. Often times that gets me evidence that others may not have obtained if they didn’t ask as many questions as I do. As a paralegal, I used to meet with clients in order to get their answers to interrogatories so I have practice telling my clients’ stories. I think my special talent might constructing compelling narratives, storytelling.

My old supervisor was always surprised by the cultural references I understood, many of which outdated me…by a lot. I think the thing that most of my coworkers would remember about me would be that I made delicious desserts. At a certain point during my stint as a paralegal, the supervising attorney just started calling me “cake lady.”

I was born the exact day that Cary Grant died. It’s not an experience per se, but it’s definitely something I like to mention at cocktail parties because it then lets me transition the conversation into one of my favorite topics, old movies.

Community Involvement: Volunteer for Planned Parenthood – phonebanking for pro-women’s rights candidates, greeting patients at the Planned Parenthood clinic when pro-life protesters show up for their 40 Days For Life movement.


Learning Portuguese using Duolingo.

Winning the Black Law Students Association talent show 2 years running, going for the third win.

Cooking – specifically French cuisine. I make my own pie crust based on Julia Child’s recipe. It never disappoints. I just started making fresh pasta. So far, I’ve made fettuccine and ravioli. Making homemade ravioli is now one of my favorite things.

Sketching: I like to see the clothes I see in fashion magazines. It’s a way to relieve stress.

My Favorites:

Movies: I have way too many movies which I would call favorites but here goes: The Lady Eve, West Side Story, The Women (1939) – definitely not the remake which was somehow less progressive than the one released in the thirties), Kill Bill, Rope, Vertigo.

TV Show: Parks and Recreation,  30 Rock, Arrested Development, The IT Crowd (I actually dressed up as Maurice Moss one Halloween. I expect no one to know who that is, but the comparison pictures I used to have would be good for a laugh). Somewhat late in my law school career, I’m getting into Suits. It’s probably for the best though because I may have been too terrified to go to law school if I had started watching it beforehand.

Sports: I like baseball, but haven’t followed it consistently in a few years. I enjoy watching Soccer, but don’t really find the opportunity that often.

Cuisines: I love French food, so much so that I started to learn how to cook it. I adore Indian food. I always said that if I could eat Indian food everyday, I would have no problem being vegetarian because their dishes are so flavorful. Lastly, I love and miss good Thai food. Two years in Nashville and I still haven’t found a place that makes decent Drunken Noodles.

Travel: Paris, Barcelona, Los Angeles

Dillon Fowler

Dillon recently graduated from the dual Canadian-U.S. J.D. program offered jointly by the University of Ottawa and American University Washington College of Law.

Before that he graduated cum laude from the University of Windsor in Honors History, with a double minor in Political Science and Classics. While in law school he interned in the Civil Rights Division of the Michigan Attorney General’s office, the Legal Aid and Defender’s Association of Detroit, and the Senate Finance Committee in Washington D.C.

In his spare time Dillon enjoys running, reading, backpacking, and cheering on the New England Patriots in the face of withering glares from the fans of every other NFL team.

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