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Maybe management is penalizing you because you are pregnant. Perhaps your supervisor fired you without so much as a good reason, or you’ve been punished for leaving work early to care for your sick child. You don’t make it your business to run off and hire lawyers, but this is outrageous.

Losing your job or facing discrimination is a lonely experience. Management can rely on professionals with expertise in employment law. They have lots of advisors. You have trusted advisors, too. But they are probably not trained in employment law and litigation.
That can change.

We are employment lawyers. We are trial lawyers. And if you take the next step, we can be your lawyers.

Our Virginia Attorneys

At The Spiggle Law Firm you will get an attorney who focuses 100% on wrongful termination. This means that your attorney will be on the cutting edge of employment law.

Attorneys here aim for the solution that best meets your needs, whether you’ve been fired or are still at work facing a difficult situation.

We are more than happy to achieve an out-of-court settlement for you when that is the best option, or even just explain to you your rights so that you can advocate for yourself. But when the situation calls for it, our attorneys are prepared to take your case to court. Because we only handle employment cases, we know the usual tricks played by employers. Your attorney will put that knowledge in your corner to maximize your chance of winning!

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Tom Spiggle leaves his job as a federal prosecutor to found The Spiggle Law Firm, focusing on representing employees in employment disputes and individuals subject to high-profile criminal prosecutions.


TSLF wins one of the largest verdicts in a housing civil rights case in the history of the District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia, including a six-figure punitive damages verdict.


After achieving multiple victories in high-level criminal prosecutions, The Spiggle Law Firm focuses its practice only representing employees in employment disputes.


Tom Spiggle publishes You’re Pregnant? You’re Fired! and becomes a frequent commentator on employment law especially as it affects families.


The Spiggle Law Firm exceeds over two million dollars in settlements for employees wrongly treated at work.


The Spiggle Law Firm opens an office in Nashville, Tennessee under the leadership of Spiggle Law Firm Partner Phillis h. Rambsy.


The Spiggle Law Firm establishes the Legal Leverage Program™ to give employees facing problems at work the legal leverage necessary to beat a stronger opponents – the boss!