What is a Flat Fee Retainer?

A flat-fee rate is pretty much what it sounds like – you pay a flat rate for the service, no matter how long or short the representation takes. This allows you to control the risk. It is guaranteed that you will only pay a certain amount for the service, no matter how much work it takes us. Of course, you may end up paying more per hour worked if your case wraps up quickly. But if that happens, it means you got a quick win.
It’s actually not quite so simple (of course not). At least, for once, this complication benefits you! You don’t actually pay one fee. You deposit one fee and the firm withdraws as attorneys complete certain phases. For instance, the firm will withdraw a portion when it completes the demand letter, another if you file with the EEOC, and so on. That way you only pay for a particular phase – or if you resolve your case.